Meanwhile, in enlightened Calgary…


…courtesy today’s Calgary Sun:

Yes, by all means, put her in her place. Stay classy, Aspire Condo Living.

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Meanwhile, in enlightened Calgary…

  1. Yup, late forties, early fifties….slightly post-war.  That’s the time they live in….when they’re not pretending to be cowboys that is.

    • Do you receive royalties?

      • Hit a nerve did I?

        • The fact Calgary & Alberta is the last place OE1 would be caught dead in is of tremendous mutual benefit.

          • I lived there for years.

          • It appears, thankfully, that you had the same impact on Calgary during your time there as you’re having now, wherever you are.

          • @GreatWallsofFire:disqus 

            Well, you have a new mayor.  LOL

            But I wasn’t in Calgary specifically, I visited there during my years in Alberta.

            Then I decided to return to civilization.

          • We applaud your decision.  Please don’t come back.

          • @GreatWallsofFire:disqus 

            Not while you’re still living in the pre-industrial era, no.

            Mind you, the rest of the world won’t go there either except to clean it out.

  2. What are we stuck with?

  3. Is it wrong that I find that ad funny? LOL

    I mean, I’m guesssing that I’m supposed to be appalled and stuff, but honestly, it’s just so out there that I can’t help but laugh at it.

    • I need some help here – what are we supposed to be appalled about?  In the same manner as, say, “Mad Men” or “Pan Am”, the ad seems to be invoking memories of the late 50s/early 60s as reflected in shows like “The Honeymooners”.  I’m quite certain today’s audiences wouldn’t find Ralph’s disparagement of Alice particularly funny, but are people really, truly supposed to now be offended by it?

      • I don’t know, I was just guessing that this must be offensive to someone since Patriquin deemed to make the comment that it was “unenlightened” or at least implied it.

        Personally I laughed my rear off.

        • I found the ad to be mildly clever, but not particularly funny, nor offensive.  Perhaps Patriquin takes issue with it because there was a recent example of an ad that depicted a woman with a black eye that some people found offensive because it seemed to make light of battered women.  However, it is a pretty long stretch to view this ad as being of a kind with that one.

          From a marketing perspective (which is the ONLY perspective that presumably matters to the agency that prepared the ad and their customer), the ad is a great success, since it obviously has captured a lot of attention.

          • Actually, it isn’t attention that the client wants: it’s sales.  Ads that “raise awareness” but not sales are not successful; they are art form.

          • Yeah, but you don’t get many sales without first getting attention.

      • Your reference to Ralph Kramden is a good one and it shows that you actually do understand why the ad is offensive.  The insult to the wife, the header “Put you in your place” — these are missteps by the ad agency and the client should have thought better. 

  4. I’m not sure I follow Patriquin’s point, or perhaps he’s missed what’s going on here?

    After thinking about it for a moment, it seems to me the ad is obviously meant to mock the time period in question and use it to grab attention while selling housing units. I seriously doubt there’s any real intent to be misogynous here.

    Unlike Patriquin’s clear assumption that this is somehow proof of the lack of “enlightenment” of Calgarians.

    Hmmm, so in reality who’s the twit here?

    • All this innocence is touching, but not remotely believable.

      • Yes well, I’m hardly concerned about what’s believable to you Emily.
        Sometimes I think you’ve made it your life’s mission to be as cynical as possible.
        Seems obvious to me now that this ad was meant to be funny, ie poking fun at what people once thought and juxtaposing it with today’s perspective.

        It’s still in poor taste perhaps, but then so is most humour.

        • Not just me, sorry.

          Us realists are like that.

          • Yes, well, let’s allow other people to speak for themselves shall we Emily?

            Ah, cynics and their claims to realism.

            Meanwhile, those of us who are actual realists, understand that being cynical all the time is simply a lazy philosophy of expecting the worst and thus seeing nothing else.

          • Not many realists in Alberta

            Don’t you think people recognize the old ‘Wassa matter, can’t you take a joke’ gambit?

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus I guess I’m just not prepared to label nearly 4 million people with one giant felt tip marker. LOL

            And obviously, intent is everything. The ad is only funny if it’s clear that they’re mocking the stereotype. If I didn’t think that’s what they were doing I wouldn’t find it funny.

          • @Phil_King:disqus 

            Yes, but you act the mugwump at the best of times.

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus Mugwump? LOL

            I prefer the term “freethinker”, but hey whatever works eh?

            Stereotypes suck. It’s as simple as that.

          • @Phil_King:disqus 

            A mugwump is an old political term….it means someone who sits on the fence….their mug on one side, and their wump on the other.

            Of course you’d prefer the term ‘freethinker’….but then you’ll get into a discussion about who is a ‘real freethinker’, just like you got into the ‘real Canadian’ and ‘real realists’ one.  LOL

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus I was going with the following definition of Mugwump: “…A person who remains aloof or independent, esp. from party politics…” ~ dictionary.com

            But then I guess partisans WOULD call such people fence sitters wouldn’t they?

            In any case, I wouldn’t honestly suggest there’s such a thing as a “real” anything other than that which is relative to other things.

            So the reason I say you’re a cynic and not a realist is because I consider myself a realist and you’re a lot more cynical than me! LOL

            To be fair though, depending on who you’re hanging out with you might even be called an idealist by some, so it’s all pretty darn relative eh?

            Hmmm, that kind of brings us back around to Mugwump doesn’t it? LOL

          • @Phil_King:disqus 

            You’d go with anything that pretended you were above it all. LOL

            Now perhaps you could return to the topic at hand….

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus Why? Are you really finding this topic all that interesting? LOL

          • @Phil_King:disqus 

            The topic is Alberta being behind the times, and yes I consider it interesting.

    • You are so right, Phil.  Obviousy Patriquin has an axe to grind with Calgary and we all know Emily does.  I cannot believe that they would be so “unenlightened” as to believe that the choice of one advertising agency in one advertisement would provide enough information to make generalizations about a city of more than a million people. 

      • It’s symbolic of the attitude and time frame in Alberta.

        • You’re the one who’s living in the past, based on your lazy stereotypes.  You really need to get out of the old folks home and travel more. 

          • Yeah, cuz TV, newspapers and the web haven’t been invented yet….or maybe they just never got to Alberta.

          • How can they?  There’s a firewall around Calgary!

          • @Patchouli:disqus 

            LOL around the rest of Alberta too, unfortunately.

          • It’s obviously not high enough yet.

          • @GreatWallsofFire:disqus 

            And there’s your problem in a nutshell….you want to stay in the past.

        • Okay Emily, time to fess up the truth.  You admit you never actually lived in Calgary.  Exactly how long ago did you leave Alberta for “civilization”?

          • LOL  I didn’t ‘admit’ anything….I lived in Alberta for 6 years, visited many times since, and have often said so on this site. It’s not a secret.

            We don’t all have to live in Alberta to know what people there think and believe now….we have planes, TV, newspapers and the web.

            Albertans often wonder why they get bashed…this is why.  It’s a pre-industrial province….never hit the Industrial Age…something central Canada did in WWII….and people in the pre-industrial era think differently than those in the industrial age do.

            Since Ont and Que are now leaving the Industrial era for the Knowledge one, the gap keeps widening.

          • Okay so you lived in Alberta for 6 years in the 1960’s and you read about it in newspapers and see it on TV and the web and based on that 2nd hand knowledge, you are confident your assessment that Calgary is stuck in the 1950’s.

          • Well I was talking about Alberta generally, not Calgary in particular….unless you want to claim you’re an outpost of civilization in an otherwise backwards province….that will endear you to all other Albertans I’m sure.  LOL

            Apparently you missed the word ‘planes’….I have been back to Alberta many times since.

            It’s still Socred.

          • Why Emily, would you return to a Province you hate “many times”?

          • Why healthcareinsider are you worrying about my personal life instead of discussing the topic?

          • Well Emily, I am not interested in your personal life except to ascertain how someone could hold so many misconceptions about the young, vibrant city I have lived in for the past 23 years.  Maybe you should check Calgary out on Wikipedia…it will tell you we are a “cosmopolitan city”, not the throw back to the 1950’s that you want to believe we are.  How could we be when our population has grown by 300 thousand K since the 1990’s.  Many of our new Albertans came from the enlightened province of Ontario( and even some from Quebec) which is surely the reason we were dragged in from the dark ages.  I bet our friend Colby Cash could further comment on that.

          • Mmmhmm…well when you’re done tub-thumping for the Chamber of Commerce you might address the problem.

    • I was of the same opinion until I looked closer:

      “Bayview Features:

      2 Bedrooms (So you don’t have to sleep on the couch)
      10 x 10 Front Patio with BBQ gasline (so you can argue in front of the neighbors)
      2 bath (so you actually get a turn)
      Potential for lower development (because you aren’t allowed to have your man cave upstairs)
      Upper loft (you can’t hear the nagging from up there)
      4 pc stainless steel appliances (for when you forgot to make reservations for her birthday)”

      If they’d have left it with just the picture, I could have laughed at it like a caricature from “All in the Family”

      The rest though.. I think that takes it over the line of knowingly poking fun at our sexist history to simply being sexist.

      • Also, these things seem to be making a come-back, or it is just that I’ve personally received a handful of emails within the last few weeks like this.  And the question is, if we ‘poke fun’ at our past so much it becomes our present, uh, haven’t we just returned to the past?

        • Scary thoughts Jenn.

        • Yup, it’s making a come-back….the teaparties in both the US and here are big on the 50s.

      • Yes well the key to humour is knowing when to stop eh?

        I still think they’re trying for tongue in cheek, but based on what you just pointed out, clearly they didn’t know where the line was, and stumbled from funny to sadly pathetic.

        Still doesn’t say anything about the “enlightenment” of Calgarians though. The Ottawa Sun is just as pathetic and has more readers here than the Calgary version does there.


      • I think ad is incredibly stupid. 

        A few years ago I had to do some research for work about car-buying – something like 80% of couples who purchased a new vehicle, final decision made by female. Same for other big purchases that couples make – more often than not, females make decision and males concur. And irritating a significant percentage of your potential buyers is moronic. 

        It’s an ad for males but their female partners – the ones who actually make final decision – won’t be at all impressed.

        • Godamn it but you just may be right Tony! LOL

        • Dunno about it being an ad for males – IMO, it portrays males as twits, which probably resonates with at least some of their partners.

          • LOL

            Who’d have thought Patriquin was starting such a lively comment string?

            Bet he’s having a good laugh right now.

  5. I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that if the woman was pointing at the man this discussion wouldn’t be happening.

    • You may be right, but it isn’t the woman and someone made that conscious decision, didn’t they?  And someone else payed a fortune to place the ad in media.  So a couple of someones aren’t really very good at marketing.

      So maybe next SK condos should feature Brad Trost and his beleaguered wife with him saying, “As long you keep ’em barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, you know there aren’t any abortions going on.”

      • Except we’d know he meant it right?

        Most humour is mocking one person or another, the question is whether it’s mocking the right people for the right reasons.

        Explains to me why there can be so many positions on this same ad.

        • You are WAY too smart to be asking that question seriously.  Why does anyone take offense at anything?  Because it hits home — especially if they are the “mocked” group.  Why does anyone miss offense when they’re not in the group — because they’re not in the group!   How can there be so many positions on anything?  Abortion, InSite, Medicare, MS surgeries, the deficit, should we fight wars overseas?  It’s always political, and political views leave some people out, and push others forward. 

          It’s a dumb ad, not worth all the ink we’re giving it. 

        • Explain to me why an advertisement meant to grab attention – positive or negative – suddently “reflects” anything about a part of our country or the people that live there? 
          What about those ads for the cat food where men invariably play the cats – what is the deeper meaning of that?  Oh, right….NOTHING!  Ads are meant to sell things and if they irritate you, GREAT, they will stick with you and you will remember the product and hopeful purchase it.  If I didn’t know better I would think Macleans was part owners in this condo project.  They certainly have given the owners alot of free publicity.

      • “So a couple of someones aren’t really very good at marketing.”

        Maybe they aren’t.  Maybe they are.  Maybe co-dependents have deep pockets.

      • The crazy thing is that the advertising agency that placed this ad is patting themselves on the back right now because it doesn’t matter if the attention is bad or good it only matters that the ad and their customer is getting attention.   This ad doesn’t say anything about Calgarians….the agency writer was trying to stand out and he/she did.

        • A picture of roadkill would have gotten them attention….it won’t sell houses.

  6. Should have run with the ad on their website – same 50’s type couple:

    Man:  “Honey, I found an affordable home with your dream kitchen”

    Woman:   “Oh, is that the one where you do the cooking?”

    Now that’s funny   :-)

    • LOL

    • Yes, that was funny.  (she says knowing full well that her man does all the cooking and that she rarely ever even sets foot in the kitchen)

      • Yeah, but he still has to cover his masculinity by pretending the kitchen is for “her”!


  7. Y’all are going to provoke a whole new wave of feminism by defending this stupid ad.  Start the fire, boys, I’ve got a bra to burn. 

    • Meh. Stupid people doing stupid things in an environment where most people think they’re idiots isn’t really something I can get all that worked up about.

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