Meanwhile, in Europe


In an apparent act of rebellion against the liberalism of their mothers, pretty French girls vacationing on the Riviera are refusing to take their tops off, in what is being called “la nouvelle pudeur”:

“It’s the most eye-catching summer trend: female holiday-makers who go in for topless sunbathing on our beaches are fewer and fewer in number,” said Le Parisien newspaper. “Some have decided to put their tops back on. Others – especially the younger generation – have never dreamed for a minute of trying out the monokini experience.”

Some commentators are concerned though that it is less about modesty than about poor body image:

However many French women fear a return not to la pudeur but to la pudibonderie – or prudishness. They say that the modern-day reluctance for women to show their bodies on the beach or in sports changing-rooms has less to do with “modesty” than with a consumer-rooted obsession not to appear ugly.

Meanwhile, Silvio Berlusconi has more or less admitted that he’s a womanizing cad, but he insists that cheating on his wife with teenage girls can’t possibly be in bad taste: “As long as I’m present, nothing inelegant can happen because I’m a person of good taste, culture and elegance.”

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Meanwhile, in Europe

  1. ROFL – I love the last bit – and I better not comment any further or I will be definitley nuked by the moderator!

  2. I think we have the most boring pols/politics in the world. Italian PM is shagging seventeen year olds and Italians yawn, French president's wife gets naked a lot and South Korean legislature, even the women this time, are having one of their regular brawls.

    And we get a lengthy discussion on whether Cons giving homosexual groups money from one pot of money, but not another, means they are homophobic.

  3. In France they are 100% french and 88% Roman Catholic. In Italy they are mostly Italian with little parts of french, german, and slovene and 90% Roman Catholic. Canada is 28% British, and 42.6% Roman Catholic.

    For politics to run they have to appeal to the largest common denominator with all ethnic and religious groups. In Canada, there are no majorities; with so many ethnic and religious groups to appeal to that denominator is set very, very low.

    • Which at least prevents our PM from competing with Tiberius.

  4. being a euro-transplanted Canadian i had noticed this sad toplessness trend and discussed it with some of my euro friends. one aspect that's a bit too hot to handle for the French press (and maybe Macleans) is the immigration factor. A Danish friend tells me when he was a teenager, most girls would go topless on the beach, but as Muslim immigration has increased, women feel more and more harassed by Muslims who come to beaches and stare, wolf-whistle and generally intimidate. I've heard similar stories in France and Australia

    • So this sudden prudish behavior is now the Muslims' fault?!?

      I swear I heard it all…

      • I thought there might be a Muslim angle, but a much more innocent one…with more Muslims in France, more of the women at the beach would be Muslim, and thus less likely to go topless

        • I don't think the Muslims have invaded the beaches of Normandy. Actually, when I was in Nice in south-eastern France two years ago, I did not see any Muslim women with headscarves on the beach. I saw very view brownish Arabic looking people on the beach. I did see a lot of white Europeans trying to become brown. I did see fewer women without their tops. Also, the men are less likely to wear the tight fitting suits. I do think for both sexes, this conservatism in swimwear has to do with body image.

  5. "Meanwhile, Silvio Berlusconi has more or less admitted that he's a womanizing cad, but he insists that cheating on his wife with teenage girls can't possibly be in bad taste"

    Sheesh! And I thought Clinton was a pig…