Mecca’s answer to Big Ben -

Mecca’s answer to Big Ben

Clock at “true centre of earth” will challenge GMT


When this year’s Ramadan begins Thursday, workers will be rushing to get the lights ready for the unveiling of the Royal Mecca Clock Tower in the world’s most sacred city for Muslims. Muslim scholars say the clock will challenge Greenwich Mean Time, because Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the “true centre of the Earth.” Once completed, the clock’s 21,000 green and white lights will flash five times per day reminding local faithful to pray. It’s unclear whether bankers in Dubai will reset their watches, but a manager of the giant hotel and office complex where the clock is located says the goal is for Arabia Standard Time (three hours ahead of GMT) to overtake the standard time set by at London’s Big Ben for the past 125 years.

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Mecca’s answer to Big Ben

  1. Good luck with that.

  2. If they were smart they'd have gone with Jerusalem Standard Time. Then not only Muslims, but Jews and Christians also might agree that it's the right place from which to set the time standard.

    • Saudi Arabia enforces jizya on non-Muslims. They're not interested in sharing anything with Jews or Christians.

  3. “true centre of the Earth.”

    The Earth is no longer flat. The centre of Earth is under Mecca, Greenwich, Jerusalem, New York… one world with a smattering of cultures.

    Mecca is no more the true centre of the Earth than Ottawa.

  4. This is yet another step towards deflating that notion of Islam being as supremacist religion, right, boys?

  5. If there were a clock tower in the true centre of the Earth, it would either burn or melt from the heat of the Earth's inner core.

    • Brilliant!

  6. And if the flashing lights fail to remind the faithful to pray, then the unaccountable "morality" police of Saudi Arabia certainly will. Islam has found that nothing reinforces faith like beatings, imprisonment, torture and murder. Perhaps one day AMT (arabia mean time) will be enforced on disbelievers in the same manner.

    • We should toast their efforts everytime they take a bow. And the true centre of Earth is when the sun dial hits highnoon!

    • no one beat's any one if they are not praying. it is the media which guide's u wrong!!!

  7. Set watch ahead 3 hours and back 1300 years. No thanks.

  8. The 5.5 billion non-Muslims on earth will jump at the chance to accept the Saudi proposal.

    Is there any end to the imaginative progress the Saudis can invent? What a remarkable, productive, enlightened people!

    More! We want more ideas from you, Saudis. Share your genius with us. We're ready.

    • At least they're moving forward throughout history. They've finally discovered time measurement! Next, the wheel!

  9. Muslims are becoming quite full of themselves.

  10. When can I get an iphone app for Mecca time?

  11. So Saudis still believe that Earth is flat?

    • Muslim scholars were the first one to say the earth is round.

  12. well in my opinion ,keep that mindset way of thinking and we can slowly revert back in time and maybe rewrite history eh