Medals: check. State-of-the-art facilities: check. Toilets…?

Olympic officials warn of bathroom shortage


Need to go? You’ll have to hold it! Olympic officials say there won’t be enough toilets to accommodate the tens of thousands of sports enthusiasts who will flood Vancouver’s downtown core for the 2010 games. But how many toilets is “enough” toilets? Well, in 2006, Salt Lake City brought in 2,600 portable toilets for its downtown. And last time around, Beijing spent about $60 million updating its washroom facilities. Vancouver, on the other hand, will have only 146 “portapotties” downtown. There will be another 1,500 available at Olympic venues, but only for ticketholders.
It seems that given the shortage, it will be all the more important to have the lines moving speedily. “[We’re] looking at the possibility of having a greeter at the front door,” said Charles Gauthier, the Vancouver Downtown Business Improvement Association’s executive director, “to help people get into the right lineup, be it a washroom lineup or a lineup to get a beverage or a food item.” Just to be safe, though, you might want to forsake that morning cup of coffee!


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Medals: check. State-of-the-art facilities: check. Toilets…?

  1. Vancouver loves to lock their bathrooms downtown so you can't go unless you buy something …here is a tip though, the bay and sears are free …otherwise you may have to hold your peace or choose the alleyway

  2. Well, they are to be a "Green Olympics," right? And toilets just create raw sewage. So, with very few toilets, you'll have less sewage. Yeah, that'll work…

  3. This could lead to a new Olympic event. We could call it the "Vancouver biathlon".

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