Megapundit Extra: How to overreact to a tragic balcony collapse


The Ottawa Sun‘s incomparable Earl McRae is mad as hell that there are no inspection laws on the books for Ontario’s apartment balconies. Fair position. And then…

In The Claridge [apartment building], for example, the signs in the two elevators say capacity is 11 persons or 907 kg (1,999 lb) in weight. What, people carry around their own weigh scales and step on them before entering an elevator? How do 11 people, or six or seven, know they’re not exceeding the limit? Let the government’s elevator engineering geniuses install scales within the mechanism of elevators with the accumulative weight numbers coming up on a screen every time people get in.


Megapundit Extra: How to overreact to a tragic balcony collapse

  1. Actually, there is a “scale” in every elevator which works automatically to ring an alarm and keep the elevator from moving if it is overloaded. All public elevators require frequent public inspection and have many failsafe devices, including breaks to stop the cab from falling in the event the lift mechanism fails.

    Balconies do not have any indication of their capacity. I am not familiar with the reason for the collape in Ontario (I am from California).

  2. One that, until recently, went of hundreds of times each day on the centre bank of elevators at Queen’s Park.

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