Mel Gibson calls Latinos 'wetbacks' -

Mel Gibson calls Latinos ‘wetbacks’

Entertainment site leaks more of actor’s alleged racial slurs


Apparently Mel Gibson doesn’t like anybody. Radar Online, which broke the story of his racially-charged comments, has now posted a follow-up story with another excerpt from the tapes of his former girlfriend Oksana
Grigorieva. This story claims that one of the tapes has Gibson saying that he will report a worker “to the f-ing people that take f-ing money from the wetbacks.”

Radar Online

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Mel Gibson calls Latinos ‘wetbacks’

  1. How Christian of him.

    • I know, hard to believe that he is such a jerk, he seemed like such a nice guy!

      • Another second rate, washed out actor with a big mouth spouted off. So what! Who really cares. He made it very clear when you are drunk you should keep your big mouth shut.

  2. And also "wetbacks" means "espaldas mojadas" because the illegal immigrants have to swim the Bravo river to cross the border, so they have wet backs when they arrive in the US. I am not sure if that's a racial slur, in Mexico they do use to describe the illegal immigrants but not in a racial way the same way that they say "Gringos" to Americans it's because when they were at war 1845 – 47 the Americans uniform was green so the used to tell them "green go" and ever since Americans are called gringos but not in a derogatory way.

    • I am sorry but I am not a racist nor would I never use a derogatory word to speak about another human being, period. I was making a comment about what I understood about the term and I said very clearly I wasn't sure if it was racial slur. I would never get along with a person like you, and also I am not an stupid BLONDE.

    • I think your friend is an upper class elitist who is glad all the poor are leaving the country relieving them of a problem they are to inept to fix, poverty.

      • idiot

  3. Let the poor angry Mick alone. I hope he doesn't beat up a poor kangaroo next! I can't understand how as an immigrant himself he can say bad things against another race of immigrants? I think he most have bought Hitlers bullet riddled brain,and replaced it with his old tired sinking sagging ex movie star heart? okay I shall take my not to wet back away from this whole rant.

  4. Such respect for others…I mean, c'mon, people can't really decide where they are going to be born nor is it their fault to be born as a Chinese, American, Latin American…People shouldn't feel or be labeled as "superior" just because they are born in a wealthy place…and, jeez, if Mexico is screwed up is because the damn politicians don't give a damn about their people and just steal the money from the country they are supposed to rule and help–they won't even do something about the whole drugs situation…they're even part of the whole damn thing.

  5. How come blacks can call whites, Honkeys and Crackers and it is OK? Who gives a damn what an aged over-paid Hollywood plastic Gawd has to say.

  6. I halove dis guy.