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A roundup of stuff I’ve written recently, here and there:

For Canadian Business, I interviewed Major Marc Dauphin, a military physician who was the last Canadian to head up the Role 3 hospital at Kandahar Airfield. It was a seriously fascinating chat, I wish we could have printed the entire conversation. Instead, you’ll have to be satisVirfied with this piece. 

That interview took place the day after I served as MC at the launch of Fawzia Koofi’s book in Toronto, which I wrote about on the blog.  I also got irritated with John Ibbitson’s suggestion that Stephen Harper has a coherent foreign policy, let alone something that could be elevated to the status of a doctrine.

For the print edition of Maclean’s, I wrote about Toronto’s war on fun, which was in many ways  just an excuse to grind a well-worn axe about the need to provide immigrants with the opportunity to properly integrate.  That said, all the evidence suggests that Canadian multiculturalism is doing just fine, despite what Muslim-baiters like Geert Wilders and his estate agents over at Sun Media want you to think.

Over at my other blog, I explained why I have no intention of voting for Dalton McGuinty. It has to do   with Virginia Postrel and  light bulbs.  By the way, did you know there’s been a measles outbreak in Massachusetts?

I also reviewed a book about Jay-Z, the business, man, and saw some very cool shorts at the disposable film festival. 



  1. LOL Okay if you’re anti-Dalton because of Virginia Postrel….a libertarian from the last century….. and the nonsensical stories about  light-bulbs….we part company.

  2. Quebec also has a measles epidemic, IIRC.

  3. “….. “assimilation” is a measure of the degree to which immigrants become indistinguishable from native-born members of a society, based on a handful of economic (e.g. employment rates for men and women), civic (e.g. naturalization rates), and cultural (marital status, home ownership,) indicators.”

    Does Vigdor consider hate crimes? Hate crimes tell us muslims not integrating so wonderfully. Or doesn’t it matter what happens to Jews as long as muslims continue to find jobs and buy homes? 

    Why does liberal msm, and Canadian eltie, not talk about the alarming rise in anti-semitic attacks, I wonder. Why continue trying to pretend everything is wonderful when it isn’t, not if you care about all ethnic groups and not just one or two. 

    1) It’s difficult to comprehend the alarming increase in hate crimes in Canada reported by Statistics Canada this week. The number of policereported incidents soared 42 per cent in 2009 on top of a 35-per-cent jump in 2008.Of the 1,473 incidents substantiated by police as hate crimes -that is, criminal offences motivated by hate towards an identifiable group -283, roughly 19 per cent, targeted the Jewish community, an increase of 71 per cent from a year earlier. 

    There are more offences against Jews than any other group, including blacks (272) and homosexuals (175). The number of hate crimes targeting Muslims was up nine per cent to 36.

    2) Montreal police believe attacks against five Jewish institutions in the city on the weekend could be related.

    Const. Raphael Bergeron says three synagogues, and a Jewish school and daycare located in the west-end areas of Cote St. Luc and Hampstead Montreal-West, had windows broken.

  4. 3) Nov 2008, Calgary Sun:  Attacking a Jewish girl and the friends who came to her rescue has landed a Muslim man a one-year jail sentence.Mustafa Taj must also serve a year of probation following his release for what provincial court Judge Bill Cummings ruled was a racially motivated assault….

    4) “Responding to the dramatic rise in anti-Semitic attacks on Jews by Muslims in the Toronto area, Meir Weinstein, director of the JDL in Toronto, said, “The abject silence on the part of the Canadian Arab Federation in the face of vitriolic attacks on Jews by Muslim perpetrators is tantamount to tacit approval of anti-Semitism and gives a green light to others who would entertain the notion of attacking Jews.”

    5) “Bob Rae was the target of anti-Semitic attacks during the Liberal leadership contest, motivated at least in part by the fact that his wife is Jewish.”

    The ideology of the Islamists whose ranks today include not only al-Qaeda but also Hamas and Hezbollah — originated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (al- khwan al- uslimoon) founded in 1928 by Sheikh Hassan al-Banna. And the Muslim Brotherhood finds not just its roots, but much of its symbolism, terminology, and political priorities deep within the heart of Nazi fascism.

    It was during this time that the Muslim Brotherhood found a soul mate in Nazi Germany. The Reich offered great power connections to the movement, but the relationship brokered by the Brotherhood was more than a marriage of convenience.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I did not speak out;
    As I was not a Jew.
    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.