Memories of Rideau Club-catered Dinners Past -

Memories of Rideau Club-catered Dinners Past


And to think just a few weeks later, one of these three dining companions would be investigating allegations that another had leaked classified information that may have given a temporary boost to the Democratic candidate favoured by the third.

UPDATE (for comment thread non-readers) : Maybe they were too busy discussing drugs to talk politics at all.  Specifically, “prescription drug policy on taxation and international shipping”, since Gordon Giffin is a registered lobbyist for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (patent, not generic drugs, for anyone who follows that sort of thing). (Note – the link goes to his original registration, which was terminated in April, but he re-filed the next day.)

Travel and Hospitality Expenses – Detailed Report

Hospitality Expense – 2008

Lynch, Kevin, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet

Event Description:
Working dinner with Gordon Giffin and Ian Brodie


3 (2 Government of Canada employee(s) and 1 Guest(s))

Catered by Rideau Club



Memories of Rideau Club-catered Dinners Past

  1. good thing they stuck to water

  2. Why are GOC employees (Lynch) meeting (for work?) with Political operatives (Brodie)

  3. do you think its easy to make priorities?

  4. Maybe it was something about drugs, since he’s registered as a lobbyist with the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America, and PCO is among the departments listed on his filing.

  5. Then why are the taxpayers of Canada buying said operative a $85 dinner to have him lobby us?

  6. Geez! Could we get Kady out here to Alberta where there’s real graft going on; give a fine journalist some meat to work with, and all?
    A government appointee buying one whale of an epensive dinner for a lobbyist is peanuts in Alberta.
    Out here Conservative “entertainment expenses” include handing vested industries entire government departments to run; oil, gas, power, insurance, health (wait for it and think SUPERBOARD). They all walk away from our “exclusive restaurant”, fully satisfied.

  7. That is a darn fascinating group.

    Given Giffin is Clinton’s former US ambassador to Canada, it’s hard to imagine that the Canadian and NAFTA implications of the Democratic contest didn’t come into the conversation.

    So what if Brodie, when he spoke a month later to CTV, was actually drawing on his meeting with Giffin when he said he had learned that the NAFTA talk was all posturing.

    And then, when the doo-doo hit the fan, PMO decided to leak the quite separate report from the Chicago consul so as to blame it on Obama.


    – JV