Men are better at sweating: report -

Men are better at sweating: report

Males produce most efficient “sweating response”


According to Japanese researchers, men are more efficient at sweating, while women who aren’t used to physical exercise have the worst sweating response, which could mean women suffer more in hot temperatures (sweating helps the body cope with heat). In the study, researchers asked 37 people to cycle continuously for an hour in a controlled climate; intensity intervals were increased. Participants were grouped into four categories: trained and untrained females, trained and untrained males. The rate at which they produced sweat was measured. Physical training boosts sweating in women and men, but more so in the latter, they said. It’s known to help the body perform longer while exercising.

BBC News

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Men are better at sweating: report

  1. Well, us men may be less equipped for the post-industrial economy, but at least we can sweat about it more efficiently.

  2. I was taught as a child that women do not sweat, they ''perspire.'' That's probably part of the problem right there…..

    • I was taught they "glow"! Ha…

  3. Men in general has more muscles than women. Given the same effort, men would still sweat more as muscles produce more heat. As muscles heat up, the body produces sweat to cool the body off ( a body's preventative mechanism to overheating), thus more muscles more sweat. To spend money on such research is just a waste of money and effort.