Men Lust, Women Sin Over Pride

Vatican study of confessions says men and women sin differently


A Vatican study based on what women and men admit to during confession has found that pride is the most common sin committed by women, while men sin over lust more than anything else. The survey was conducted by a 95-year-old Jesuit priest, Roberto Busa, and found the number two sin for men was gluttony followed by sloth, anger, pride and envy. Women, on the other hand, were prone to committing sins of envy after pride, followed by anger. Sloth was also the least likely sin for women. The survey also found that 30 per cent of the Catholics surveyed no longer think confession is necessary. Last year the Vatican added seven new sins to the list including polluting, genetic modification, financial gluttony and taking or selling drugs.


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Men Lust, Women Sin Over Pride

  1. Why are us guys always down on the lazy list!

    I have always wondered how women do it. After a hideous day at work I used to come home and all I want to do is turn CPAC on then practise my guitar and veg out … but my Ex .. man she would do an even harders day work and then come home and be working all around me – it amazes me how women can do that ….

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