Mentally ill girl arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan


An 11-year-old girl with Down’s syndrome in Pakistan has been arrested and charged with blasphemy for allegedly burning passages from the Quran. Rifta Masih was jailed by police in Mehrabadi, near Islamabad, after being severely beaten by locals.

It’s alleged Masih, who is Christian, burned 10 pages. While the police initially showed hesitation in charging the girl, they eventually registered a blasphemy case against her and arrested her formally on Thursday.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said today that he is troubled by the violence. “Canada is concerned about the safety of the girl, her family and their community,” Baird said. “We urge Pakistan’s political and religious leaders to continue to co-operate to protect the family and community.”

If found guilty, the girl could face the death penalty.



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Mentally ill girl arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan

  1. hmm, can’t say im suprised, pakistan is run by a mob, and with all the cousins inbreeding, the mob is “intellectually challenged”

  2. Texas just executed a man with an IQ of 61.

  3. Sharia Law can be here in Canada within the next 50 years. Sleep well tonight thinking about how well your Children and grandchildren will be subject to such laws in the future.

    • um, i dont think so. The charter will stop anything like that from being possible.
      thanks for the fear mongering tho.

    • Are you insane? There was special privileges for people of Islam faith to pursue Islam law so long as it also followed Canadian law just as Jews had done in Ontario. That was discontinued after people feared that it would cause problems. That will never happen but we’re looking more and more towards a daunting future with Stephen Harper as our leader! You should be more worried about that.

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