Menu calorie counts don’t inspire kids to eat healthier

Requiring New York City restaurants to post counts lead to decreased calorie intake


Children and adolescents have taken notice of the calorie counts that New York City’s fast food restaurants are required to post, but it hasn’t inspired them to cut the number of calories they’re consuming, according to U.S. researchers. A new study published in the International Journal of Obesity suggests that calorie labelling might not actually impact the buying behaviour of teens, or of parents who buy food for their kids. President Barack Obama’s new health care law aims to reduce rates of obesity by measures like mandating calorie countes on restaurant menus, and New York was the first U.S. city to do so, in 2008. But a New York University team surveyed 427 parents and teens at fast food restaurants, before and after the labelling became mandatory, and found that after labelling, 57 per cent of teens had noticed the information and 9 said it had influenced their choices. But they didn’t see any changes in the number of calories.


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Menu calorie counts don’t inspire kids to eat healthier

  1. People need to stop focusing on calories as if nutrition can be narrowed that it.

    I once heard a girl say she couldn't eat a banana becuase it had a lot of calories.

    This obsession for calories is extremely unhealthy.

  2. If parents would stop letting their Children eat at fast food Restaurants on a daily basis there would be no need to count calories in the first place…how about making going out for a store bought Burger a '' treat '' ? Oh right , silly me, that would mean you would have to start cooking some meals at home……

  3. The story is not about parenting, or calories. It's about how another progressive social experiment has failed to produce the desired results. I'm surprized that no experts have suggested that the labels weren't big enough.

  4. I really can't understand this obsession with calories. I love food, I drink plenty of water in between and listen to my body when to stop and when its full, I never have weight problems.

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