Mexican drug kingpin shot dead -

Mexican drug kingpin shot dead

Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Coronel Villareal killed by Mexican army during raid


The kingpin of a Mexican drug cartel was shot dead yesterday by the Mexican army during a raid of his home in Guadalajara, Mexico. Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Coronel Villareal was allegedly behind a multi-billion-dollar methamphetamine production operation  and was one of three men identified as leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, one of the five main crime rings engaged in a turf war in Mexico. “This is without doubt the most spectacular blow against drug traffickers yet for President Calderón,” a Mexican analyst told The Guardian. “His power and his contacts extended across 10 countries in three continents.”

The Guardian

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Mexican drug kingpin shot dead

  1. It turns out he lived two blocks away from my dad's house, who knew!

    • That's just scary…way to close for me. Here is something to ponder, Is it good to know what your neighbours occupation is,or what kind of people they are… or are you better off not knowing ? Just a thought…….

      • I know, apparently it is huge in the news in Mexico right now and that is how he found out (he is on holidays and didn't hear or saw the raid), most of the people know each other, my dad has lived there for 30 years, but I guess you never know, he and all the neighbours are shocked, it is a very quite place.

        • No pun intendid, but it should be a quieter, and safer now. Thankfully no innocent people were harmed.

          • Agreed, I am glad I wasn't visiting with my kids, we never go in the summer because it is painfully hot!