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Michael Douglas reveals his throat cancer has spread

The actor has stage-four cancer with an 80% cancer survival rate


In a TV interview with David Letterman, Oscar-winner Michael Douglas revealed that his throat cancer has spread beyond its original tumour and that his illness is more advanced than was first feared. He also said his throat had been bothering him for several months before the cancer was diagnosed following his summer vacation. “It’s a stage four [cancer], which is intense,” Douglas said. “You want to be at stage one.” Stage four refers to cancers that have metastasised and can be fatal. The 65-year-old actor also said that his illness was probably caused by a lifetime of drinking and smoking. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and said his odds of survival are around 80 per cent.


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Michael Douglas reveals his throat cancer has spread

  1. Unfortunately for Mr. Douglas I think his self diagnosed prognosis is delusional. Stage four cancer is rarely curable. However, I wish him all the best as he is treated for this very serious illness.

    • My thoughts & words exactly, but since attitude is so important, I can't blame him for glossing over the seriousness. But he comes from very strong stock-his dad has overcome his health problems so hopefully it's in the genes! I'm also praying for him & wishing him well.

    • When you are kicked down, you really need to be as positive as you can. As you have stated, "Stage four cancer is RARELY curable." Hopefully, Mr. Douglas might get that rare chance.

    • I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 1984. Now, it might get me yet and it may be terminal, but I'll take the 26 years I've had since then. Life is terminal. There are lots and lots of stage 4s who survive the disease – it really does depend on the type of cancer.

      • Congrats Prescott. I too am a stage 4 cancer survivor, albeit only 7 yrs. It did return & I underwent a 2nd round of chemo treatments. Both times my treatments were cut short as my body could not handle the drugs. I still have 2 cancerous nodes which are monitored regularly. Originally, I was told they could not be removed, but have since been told it's a possibility, if all else fails. Apparently such surgery could be harder on my body than the original surgery. I'll face that decision should it arise.

        I too read that a positive attitude can make a difference. Wish I could say that I had one at the time. My husband made up for my lack of it. I agree with your 2nd & 3rd sentence. Wish you many more years of life and Michael Douglas as well.

    • I disagree with your statement that stage 4 cancer is rarely curable. My husband (age 58 at the time)was diagnosed with the identical cancer and also at stage 4, almost 7 years ago. He underwent 35 sessions of radiation, along with 3 chemo treatments of sysplatin. He lost 40 pounds, had a terrible time with eating. To aid with nutrition he had a feeding tube inserted surgically. He suffered from all the horrible aftermath from these treatments described in Michael Douglas' case. At his last checkup he was completely cancer free and only has to go for re checks once a year. His tastebuds have mostly recovered. The only lasting effect is the lack of saliva, the glands having been permanently damaged by the radiation. Other than that, he is full of energy. We had wonderful support from friends and family and a rock solid faith in God.

      • hortensia…..I am very glad your husband has come thru his illness well and I hope he continues to enjoy good health and lives a long and happy life.
        I also wish Michael Douglas a similar outcome. I was speaking generally but it is my impression there are more people who have passed away with stage 4 than probably have lived.

  2. I was diagnosed with GBM, Stage 4 brain cancer four years ago. Humor and positive thinking, along with holding God's hand is certainly working for me. Back to work (teaching) full time.
    My thoughts and prayer will certainly be for Michael Douglas. God bless you.

    • Good for you. Thankfully, my husband has a great sense of humour!!

  3. I would like to wish the best for Michael Douglas. All diseases are different and act different in all people.

    Be positive and you have a beautiful wife right there to help you all the way. That in itself is the best medicine money can buy

    Maryann Anderson – Toronto

  4. I wish MIchael Douglas all the best. Having cancer is a terrible and frightening thing. I am a survivor of 3 years. All the best to Michael Douglas. God bless.