Michael Ignatieff and “Dancing with the Tsars”


Liberal leader Michael Igantieff was honorary chair of the Toronto Winter Palace Ball fundraiser for Ruskoka Camp, which helps underprivileged Russian Canadian youth. The evening was called “Dancing with the Tsars.”


Igantieff’s wife, Zsuzsanna Zsohar, headed straight to the silent auction. Zsohar took off one of her rings to test the authenticity of a hand-knit Orenburg shawl. She says it should be so fine and airy that you can pull it through a ring.


Ontario Liberal MPP Monte Kwinter.


Iggy with event organizer Natasha Bronfman.


A glass case of gifts from Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna were displayed on the dance floor. The items were on loan from Bronfman.


The band.


Ballroom dancers.


The meal.




Michael Ignatieff and “Dancing with the Tsars”

  1. Iggy is our sweet Russian prince, returning in triumph from a decades-long voyage to rescue the fair maiden that is Canada.

    • The prince is getting a bit long in the tooth. And as for that fair maiden…well…she’s already been had.

        • Sisyphus, you should email that link to Wherry – maybe he’ll put it in a blog posting.

          Catherine and Sandi get offended whenever the NDP criticize the Liberals. I don’t think they understand how parliamentary democracy is supposed to work.

        • It is not the NDP criticizing, it is the misleading and harmful sloganeering, such as carbon taxes hurt people, and the reluctance to go after Harper on ethics issues, such as the Cadman tape and have it pursued in parliamentary committees.

  2. Also, what is it with the camp for underprivileged Russian Canadian youth? Are they a needy constituency?

  3. I bet the part at the end where Bolsheviks burst into the ballroom and summarily executed all those present put a damper on the evening, though.

  4. Does it matter who the needy kids are? Do they have to have a certain ethnic background to get help? What a bunch of negative people. Funds for needy kids – sounds good to me. Leave profiling out of it…..sigh….

  5. Are Monte Kwinter and his wife really short or are the two guys with swords freakishly tall?

    • What is with that – are the 2 on the outside standing on boxes? weird looking …

      • Yes, we were standing on boxes :)

  6. What grade did the Ball’s report card get from Count Stroganoff?
    Was “the meal” Cat Kiev?

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