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Michael Ignatieff becomes a privy councillor

Will join council that privately advises government


Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff will be sworn in as a member of the Privy Council of Canada on Friday, according to the Globe and Mail. Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered Ignatieff the position last December and on Friday, a senior Liberal official called the move not unusual. Opposition Leaders have often become Privy Council members: as leader of the opposition, Harper himself was sworn in in 2004 under former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin.

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Michael Ignatieff becomes a privy councillor

  1. Good for Iffy and a very good move on the part of the PM.

  2. Good,just what we need, a Quebec butt kisser advising government.

    • Just what we need, someone who doesn't anything claiming he does.

      • Whoops, "doesn't KNOW anything"
        Talk about looking like a fool….

        • Indeed. Try to leave that to me.

  3. It would seem like a good idea if we knew that the Prime Minister actually used the advice of the PCO.

    It is likely more for optics; what a cooperative collaborator our leader of the minority government is.

    • Not to split hairs, but Privy Council and PCO are two very different things.

    • This may be as a prelude to the detainee documents. As a Privy Councillor, Ignatieff can be in the room personally reviewing the documents. Not something Dear Leader would surely want :-)

  4. Good on Harper, and good on Ignatieff for accepting.

  5. Not sure why people act like this is a good thing since this happens all the time, no matter who is in power.

    • The point is it happened. There is no obligation on the part of Mr. Harper to extend the invitation.

  6. Every Privy Council needs a Neanderthal or two.

    • What the hell is that even supposed to mean? Are you 8?

    • John Baird's been on for a while already, in fact.

  7. I think this is a good thing indeed. They do know everything though.