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Michael Jackson was murdered for money, says sister

One year anniversary of singer’s death is tomorrow


In a TV interview, LaToya Jackson claims that her brother was “murdered for his catalogue” and that she’s never had a doubt there was any other explanation. Billboard magazine recently reported that since Jackson’s passing, royalties have earned the Jackson estate $1 billion dollars. On Friday, it will be the one year anniversary of the entertainer’s death. Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Meanwhile, Michael’s older brother Jermaine thinks that if Michael had converted to Islam that he wouldn’t have died. “If Michael would have embraced Islam he still would be here today,” said Jermaine to the BBC.

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Michael Jackson was murdered for money, says sister

  1. michael you always in my mind .love you need .

  2. i justt can’t stop loving you .i always need you .i always love you .you are the only reason that i’m trying .you are stay with us like before

  3. VERY URGENT: Latoya is now saying that Michael was killed for his catalog of music. Based on that, I seriously think we should all start a GLOBAL boycott of ALL MJ songs and other music in Michael's catalog he owned so those dirt rotten scoundrels won't get a penny from it. That money belongs to the Jackson family. If they can't have the money then no one should! Let's get this boycott rolling NOW before these bastards make any more off of the blood of our dearly departed Michael. DON'T BUY ANY OF HIS MUSIC or that in his catalog and maybe they will give it back to the Jackson family. Do your part and SPREAD THE WORD NOW!!! Thank you Latoya, we hear you!

    • I agree, everyone stop buying the music so the "dirty rotten scoundrels won't get a penny of it". Of course you realize that the dirty rotten scoundrels are the Jacksons led by the biggest scoundrel of all, Joe. Oh BTW, LaToya hasn't been dealing in reality for sometime if ever, so You should take her opinion with a grain of salt.

      • Agree, but lets not leave out Brother Jermaine, this guy is so slimy that he leaves a trail of sludge wherever he goes.

    • @VooDoo – I think you're intentions are good but I also think you are taking Latoya's words literally and she is actually speaking in code to the beLIEver fans. You need to read between the lines. Michael is actually very much alive. In fact, if you dig deeper you will uncover more evidence and clues that supports this than evidence that he's dead – most of which is faked. When she says he was "murdered for his catalogue", she is referring to the conspiracy against him with the past child molestation trails and the media bashing and brainwashing of the public. Unfortunately, your well intentions of a boycott of his music and the other artists in his catalog like the Beatles is spreading like wildfire now across the web. So much so that the Jackson camp has had to inject a media story today where the estate is saying they still hold the 50% rights to it and will continue to. In effect, your boycott will strangle the cash flow to Michael and his family but they can't come out publicly and admit he's still alive. Think about this hard and please halt this boycott!

      • ROFLMAO!!!! So if what you be say true Corrective, that means that Latoya and da rest of the Jacksons never taught her statements through completely and what the consequeences might be before allowing her be to open her big mouth. What a bunch of morons!!!! They never even once be considered some blindly devoted fan like VooDoo would take her word verbatim and run with it, did they? That figure. I think I'm be starting to get it and all makes sense to me now why he be doin somthin like this. What a psych job this whole death hoax is then, huh? Wow!

      • I also heard that Michael and Elvis are going to both come out of hiding at the same time and do a ''This Is It, & Thankyou Very Much'' Concert at Graceland in July. Honest,,Really!!

        • Can you imagine what that would even look like?. Just from what I have been seeing, the MJ fans alone are ready to beat his tail for this. Nothing like ripping your fans hearts out and then returning to life with a "hee-heee". If people think MJ's face looks distorted now, wait till the female fans get done slapping his face for this! What duet would Elvis and MJ sing at this concert anyway? You Aint Nothin But A Hound Dog so Beat It?