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Michael Moore offers DePape a job

American filmmaker urges Canadians to “bring out their inner hockey stick”


Left-wing American activist Michael Moore commended Brigette DePape, the Senate page turned protestor, on her controversial cardboard moment last week during the throne speech. DePape was immediately relieved of her page duties after holding up a “Stop Harper” sign in the Senate Chamber during the throne speech. Moore, who is famous for his anti-establishment films, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, offered the 21-year old a job via Facebook, citing her protest as an inspirational and iconic moment. An anti-Harperite himself, Moore urged Canadians to “bring out their inner hockey stick” and shift support away from the Conservative Party.  Many members of parliament denounced the protest as disrespectful. But DePape has inspired a “Stop Harper” protest to take place on June 10.

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Michael Moore offers DePape a job

  1. What?  An American trying to influence Canadian politics?  Liberals will be outraged.  Oh wait, it’s Michael Moore, Liberals will be impressed by his courage and his willingness to speak up.

    • Given that you refer to progressives as “liberals,” I take it you’re one of the Americans commenting? 

      • Only liberals refer to themselves as ‘progressive’.

  2. I guess DePape does not like democracy. But, being a lefty herself, I would not be surprised if she yearns for Communism or at the least a good Socialist government like the ones going bankrupt in Europe.

    • Ah yes, socialist governments are collapsing around the world (except, Sweden, Norway, etc.) while capitlist economies are thriving (except for that big one, the USA).  How nice it must be to think in such simplistic terms.  

    • So, as a great defender of democracy, I take it you’re in favour of replacing the FPTP system we currently have with a more truly representative system?

  3. You have to feel sorry for the dyed in the wool liberals and other assorted left wing loonies – I mean really – is there anything sadder than not only a sore loser outside that of course a yankee commenting on our democracy – maybe Mr. Moore should stick to curing the ills of his own country and keep his nose pointed at his won gov’t. To be perfectly honest I am quoite concerned about the mental health of those of the leftist persuasion here the next 4 – 5 years .. maybe we do need a pharmacre plan to pay for all of those that are going to need to re-up their meds the next while. I can’t wait for the rest of the legislation that slowly but surely will be going through the pipeline that is now driven by a harper majority in both houses – Harper was right when he said = give him a majority and you won’t recognize this country as there are going to be a lot of very and I mean VERY frustrated left wing loons out there flapping more than just their wings the next few years ..  guess we should be thankful for the usual harper hating web forums to give some comfort to

    • A pharmacare plan would also help some at the right end of the spectrum with their verbal diarrhea…

  4. The right wing is havin’ a heyday in this comment thread.

  5. The LePape affair has seen a few Conservative supporters playing the role of distorted caricatures of Conservative supporters. Seems most Con supporters are the sane, quiet majority who haven’t pulled all their hair out or expressed pretzeled reasoning explaining LePape as a genocidal Maoist or whatever.

    She held up a homemade stop sign that said Stop Harper. She’s punny and a little naive. She didn’t call for a coup d’etat.
    I think Citizen_CA, Wayne Young, et al., must be Liberal trolls.

    • If she wasn’t implicitly calling for a coup d’etat, then how exactly do you explain her reference a need for an Arab Spring in Canada?  All of the prominent examples I can think of in the Arab Spring involve (unelected) governments being forced out of office via demonstrations, riots and insurrection in the streets (e.g., Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and now perhaps Syria).

      Also her calls for us to stop work (presumably she was hinting at a general strike).  What would be the purpose of that, other than to bring down the (elected) Harper government and replace it, presumably with someone else who received fewer votes or perhaps even none at all?

      Please explain.

      • 1) A Canadian version of anything I assume to be non-violent unless stated otherwise because political violence has been absent for two generation, and wasn’t wide-spread to begin with.

        2) I cannot explain the world view and motivations of people I don’t know. Her message was vague, but violence or usurpation weren’t topics discussed.

        I think the people trying to interpret violence into her actions and message need to stick to fishing. Some quiet time to think things through might help.

        The pages are not revolting. You can still sleep at night.

  6. I like her elegantly minimalist protest.
    In spite of suffering Mr. Moore’s loathsome imprimatur.

    Don’t take his job-offer lady. Canada has better.

  7. Regardless of a person’s political beliefs, I feel what she did should be made to have a criminal charge. As it sits now, she is a mini celebrity, has job offers, and can spin this to her advantage. This could lead to more in the future. Like I said, REGARDLESS OF THE POLITICAL BELIEF, this should be criminalized. (Not that I think that it is that bad, but it will spread.)

    • Criminalize protests and free speech? That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think?

      Firing her was the appropriate punishment. I happen to admire her idealism and her willingness to put her job on the line for her beliefs, but it was a grossly inappropriate misuse of her position. As with any job, if you step far enough over the line, you get fired. But if a minister’s staff can carry out partisan work on goverment time and equipment, resign and be reinstated; if ministers can hand out government awards with their party logo emblazoned upon it with impunity; then how can you justify criminalizing a protest?

      If we follow your line of logic, it soon won’t be enough to fire government employees who expess a view contrary to / without permission of the PMO; we’ll be housing them in our new prisons.

      Looks like Sheila Fraser ducked out just in time to avoid a life sentence…