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Michaëlle Jean to join UN

Governor-General’s next move is to work as a special envoy


Governor-General Michaëlle Jean is reportedly becoming a special envoy for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) following her term in Canada. She says her goals are to fight poverty and boost literacy rates in Haiti, her home country. According to CTV, Prime Minister Stephen Harper “went to bat” for Ms. Jean and helped her secure the position. However, it’s common knowledge that the Tories had no intention of extending her term.

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Michaëlle Jean to join UN

  1. "Went to bat". Right, and he really wanted her for Governor-General. Really, he means it.

    Good on Ms. Jean. At least she's trying to help improve her home country unlike the other character in this story.


  2. That's the perk she is getting for acceding to Harper's demand for prorogation twice!

  3. "…fight poverty and boost literacy rates in Haiti" through the UN? ummm well I guess you can always try right?

    • Either way it will cost us a lot of money! You can bet on that!

      • Haha I love these "experienced politicians" who somehow know the secrets to development

  4. Once on the taxpayers teat, ALWAYS on the taxpayers teat.

  5. The UN is a joke. They talk and talk, but fail to act when it really comes down to the wire. When they allow people like Muammar al-Gaddafi and Madman Ahmadinejad to speak/lecture at their meetings, they loose all credibility.