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Michaëlle Jean’s snowball fight


Governor General Michaëlle Jean held a special ceremony on the grounds of Rideau Hall to unveil the Olympic torch to be used for the 2010 Vancouver Games.


There are three Olympic mascots. Miga, a young sea bear.


Sumi, an animal spirit.


And Quatchi, the young sasquatch.


Quatchi is Transport Minister John Baird’s favourite mascot.


The minister is seen here with a grade-three class from Leslie Park Public School, which is located his Ottawa riding.


The kids went snowshoeing.


The GG got in on a snowball fight at the end of the event.






The Olympic torch.


Later that day the NDP celebrated the Liberals 50th vote supporting the Conservatives.




Michaëlle Jean’s snowball fight

  1. The snowball fight is adorable!

  2. PR coup!

  3. ^Guess coups are all the rage in Ottawa these days.

  4. That NDP cake is pretty funny. Unfair, but funny.

  5. The NDP cake was stupid – just like their puppet show. When will they stop this nonsense and act grown up.

  6. lmao – love that last shot!

  7. How is the cake unfair?

    If the Liberals don’t like being associated with the Conservative government, maybe they should have stopped propping them up?

  8. Wow a cake! Were the puppets busy?

    Their stunts get lamer. They really sprung for a big cake there, that looks like the $3.99 Loblaws special. Wait! Was it made by union hands?

    Who is the guy holding the cake anyway?

  9. PS great pics of the GG, now that’s a PR coup.

  10. Doesn’t Baird look like he fits in with the class in that photo? Maybe big for his age and left behind a few grades, but an accepted member of the class, all the same.

  11. Kids in the class – adorable.
    snowball fight – fun.
    ndp – entirely unnecessary.

  12. the snowball fight was my grade class
    btw the class that was in the snowball fight is in my school
    i got a dumb teacher but i could of been in that pictues.