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Michele Bachmann says she won’t run again


Representative Michele Bachmann says she won’t run for a seat in 2014.

“Feel confident that over the next 18 months I will continue to work 100-hour weeks and continue to do everything I can to advance our conservative principles that have served as the bedrock for who we are as a nation.”

The Republican from Minnesota — a one-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination — takes time in her video to stress that her decision not to run for a fifth term has nothing to do with concerns about her odds of re-election:


Michele Bachmann says she won’t run again

  1. I congratulate her on work done and a decision to retire before corruption can set in.
    I think TOTAL term limits of 8 years for public office holders, should be applicable across the board. Only exceptions for when people can rise to leadership positions such as governors/premiers and PMs/president and then a further 8 years allowed.

  2. I’m sure the ethics investigation has nothing to do with it, right?

    Good though….the woman is a nutter.

    • you are truly pathetic

      • Anyone who supports her is also a nutter.

        • and your hero would be kermit gosnell no doubt.

          • Like I said, you’re a nutter.