Mideast Quartet demands peace

Wants Israeli settlers out of Palestine


Top diplomats from Russia, the United States, United Nations and European Union issued a formal statement from Moscow Friday demanding that Israel and Palestine restart peace talks and work to create an independent Palestinian state within two years. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon read the strongly-worded statement, which also criticized Israeli settlement building. The statement came as Israel launched air strikes in response to a rocket attack by militants in Gaza and follows the postponement of indirect talks scheduled to begin this week that stalled when Israel announced plans for new settlements in disputed east Jerusalem. The Quartet, represented by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, and special representative, former British prime minister Tony Blair, met primarily over concerns for the unstable condition and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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Mideast Quartet demands peace

  1. It's progress, I guess. Canada has finally taken a stand to say that they disapprove of Israel's illegal settlements, but really, would we have the guts to do it if everyone else wasn't on-board with us?

  2. What about the demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel? What is the point of peace talks about everything else but recognition of Israel by the Palestinians. A state for Palestinians in two years! In return for what? The Muslim Arabs invaded the area, including Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Syria 1200 years ago forcibly imposing Islam and wiping out local tribes. (The Copts are all that remain of the original Egyptians). Arabs took the holiest city in Jewish history and built a mosque on the site of Jews most important temple. The Jews have taken back the country they began 2500 years ago and were driven from by the Romans. The are right to drive the Arabs and their religion back to Arabia.

  3. Rob H, Would you use your silly argument for bolstering native land claims? Hand the keys to your house over to the local aboriginal band.
    Your frame of reference is 25oo years ago, but the palestinian frame of reference is 100 years ago. Before the creation of Israel, jews only constituted 10% of the population of Palestine. Surely the claims of the living hold sway over the long dead. Unless you are a simpleton that uses the bible to draw up deeds to land.
    The correct frame of reference is international law. The Israelis have offended international norms first layed out in the 4th Geneva Convention and the Hague (1907) agreement. A conqurerer cannot: 1) acquire land by conquest, and;2) move its population into those territories. So, Israel does not deserve anything for removing itself from occupied territory. It has the obligation under law to give back the land.
    Finally, Fatah is willing to accept Israel, and Hamas has made moves towards that position. Quit repeating lies.

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