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Mike Danton to play Canadian university hockey

Paroled ex-NHLer eligible to play for Saint Mary’s University


Kudos to the Saint Mary’s Huskies for playing their part in the rehabilitaion of Mike Danton, the former NHL player who was jailed for plotting to kill his agent, Dave Frost. But surely the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) might want to rethink eligibility rules that allow a guy with the equivalent of a full pro season under his belt to suit up against its players—most of whom competed no higher than major junior. When Danton will take the ice is not yet known, as SMU is still clearing the necessary hurdles with the national parole board to bring him to Halifax. And the CIS has yet to weigh in on the issue.

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Mike Danton to play Canadian university hockey

  1. He actually plotted to kill his biological father, not his agent David Frost.

  2. Hockey1234: Is correct

    He was plotting to kill his biological father who abused him.

  3. You're both worng. He was plotting to kill his agent.

    • no they are correct Jimmy. Danton later clarified his intended target.

  4. CIS has already had this issue in the past. An ex-NHL'er played at the University of Calgary for a year as well. I don't think the CIS will mind and regardless it will probably bring more publicity to the league for the time being.

  5. When NovaScotia's CONservative government & their unelected 'Associates' who literaly own that province needed /needs a Study to suit their purpose, Right or Wrong info + results, SMU always obliged./obliges. I believe there's no doubt-that's The reason Danton is landing in that corrupt province.
    Nova Scotia equals Brian Mulroney and David Dingwall.

    • What are you smoking?

  6. To clarify: at his trial, the motive presented and proven was that Danton was targetting his former agent. Since his release he has maintained that the real target was his father. I don't believe his new story.

    Anyway, it is all in the past. He has paid his dues and is free to try and rebuild his life. Nothing wrong with letting him play hockey at St Mary's.

  7. Google "Howard Kieffer" folks… He was Mike's "lawyer" for a while, and lost Mike's appeal… In the end, unbeknownst to Mike, or anyone else for that matter, Keef proved to be a high-school dropout, and an ex-con, who pretended to have graduated from law school. Keef is presently serving a 5 year prison term for practicing law without a licence, and fraud etc. And he has 9 other states waiting in line to prosecute him on similar charges. (North Dakota was first, it's Colorado's turn now, 8 more to come…)

    Mike alas, has a propensity to accept advice from rather dubious characters, and it is HIS life that gets harmed in the end.

    I totally agree with Fred in Brandon. Mike is trying to rebuild his life. Hockey is the only things he knows and loves. Canada believes in rehabilitation. And it is Mike's turn.


  8. By the way, most newly released inmates go right back to hanging out in bars, doing drugs and committing crimes.

    Mr. Danton is taking University level sociology courses, and wants to play hockey.

    If only ALL paroled inmates would follow his example!

    He's doing the right thing. So I don't understand all the negativity and criticism.

  9. And he played his first hockey game last night! AND scored a goal. AND the crowd gave him a standing ovation!

    Thank you, Canada, for actually believing in the rehabilitation of inmates!

    And Mr. Danton, congratulations. I'll bet that goal was the sweetest one of all your career!