Mike Duffy’s speech to the Senate and tabled documents


Speech delivered by Sen. Mike Duffy in the Senate on Monday, Oct. 28, 2013.

The below documents were tabled by Senator Mike Duffy following today’s speech to the Senate:


Mike Duffy’s speech to the Senate and tabled documents

  1. You know, Harper poisoned this chalice(senate) and now he want citizens to allow him to sweep this all under a rug, it all seems to be a little too much to me.

  2. Oh this is pure magic.
    I haven’t heard too much from Rick, Francien etc recently. I do hope that they are okay.

    • Packing up for the convention this weekend! Oh, what to wear?

      • Something that protects the knees from all that wear; genuflection and blind adulation takes its toll on one’s khakis.

    • Tragically, Rick and Francien both died in a fire earlier today. Onlookers report that all attempts to rescue them were thwarted when they refused to leave the burning building. Despite the cries of onlookers and the valiant efforts of firefighters they refused to leave their keyboards. Reportedly, their final words were ” you call this a fire?” and “Sure, it’s a little warm, but I’d hardly call it an inferno…”

      • careful
        You know that the reform mindset looks for any opportunity to play the victim card. They’ll b along shortly holding up your comment as an example of just how the left (anyone who hasn’t got a Harper crush) want to set up internment camps and imprison/eliminate those who don’t think like them.

        • You’re probably right… but then again why should any rational person censor themselves for fear of offending the irrational or, in Dick’s case, the fake?

          If they are too small-minded to understand a satire then too bad for them.

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