Mike Milbury charged with assaulting pee-wee hockey player

Police say the assault was both physical and verbal


Mike Milbury may go down as the worst general manager of the NHL’s modern era, but if there is any substance to allegations out of Brookline, Mass., his judgment has reached a new low. Milbury, 59, has been charged with assault and battery on a child in connection with an alleged attack last Friday on 12-year-old pee wee hockey player. Police say the assault was both physical and verbal, and that Milbury—currently an analyst on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada—uttered threats. The confrontation allegedly took place just after a game between Milbury’s son’s team, which he coaches, and an opposing team from the Boston area. A melée reportedly erupted on the ice, and Milbury is accused of grabbing, shaking and berating one of the players on the opposing team. If true, the allegations raise questions as to his suitability as an on-air analyst—especially on Hockey Night, a broadcast that plays up its connections to the grassroots of minor hockey.

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Mike Milbury charged with assaulting pee-wee hockey player

  1. Hopefully this gets that blowhard Milbury off the airwaves.  He is the most irritating and arrogant hockey analyst in history. It’s also mind-blowing that he ever became an analyst, considering he was perhaps the worst GM in NHL history when he made some of the worst draft picks and trades in NHL history while working as GM.



    • Well if you were ever part of the boston organisation, cherry will get you a job on HNIC ;)

      • Perhaps, but on the other hand, Cherry never talks about Milbury, and Milbury never talks about Cherry, so I suspect that they don’t like each other much.

  2. For Milbury to be CHARGED by  cops, in the Boston area — he must have been way over the line. Or maybe it was the subsequent fight he had in the parking lot, with those two women – you know, THELMA & LOUISE?

  3. If Milbury dared comment on air, he’d probably crap on the kid for turtling and tell him to just man up. I wish CBC would dump both him and Cherry. McLean shouldn’t have to endure one, let alone two, vacuous blowhards all season long. Nor should we.

  4. This is nothing new.  It just happens to be a ‘celebrity hockey parent’ misbehaving this time.  I honestly think it might come to the point where they are going to have to make a stand in childrens’ activities and ban parents who cannot just let the kids play the game.  They talk about child abuse for children whose parents overfeed kids to the point of allowing them to become obese…what about the abuse suffered by these children whose parents are adamant that they must become sports stars?  Ban the jerk from ALL CHILDRENS SPORTING EVENTS and get his children some counselling.

  5. “If true” are the operative words here, and if it is true, this man should never be allowed to coach minor sports again. Whatever else he may be or may have been, that has nothing to do with this situation.

    TV is all acting, don’t doubt for a second McLean and Cherry are a packaged product.

    So while those with an axe to grind may use this opportunity to heap their disdain onto Milbury, let the facts of the case somehow over weigh you prejudices, the truth of this must be known and acted upon.

  6. I saw this comment at the Ottawa Citizen:

    I was there and this is what happened: He grabbed the JERSEY of a kid who repeatedly tried to start a fight with his son, and asked him what his problem was. It wasn’t during a game, it was during a skills competition.

    Read more: http://www.canada.com/Hockey+analyst+Milbury+charged+with+assault+child/5872288/story.html#ixzz1gl9sN8tA

    I have no way of verifying that comment, so take it for what it’s worth. But it wouldn’t surprise me. A friend of mine coached 12 & 13 year olds down in Iowa a few years back. You think Canadian hockey parents are nuts? Some of the stories he told made me sick to my stomach. 

    He told me about one kid was obviously too disabled to play. Some kind of developmental or neurological disability that made him really slow and clumsy (even when walking) and it was far too dangerous to put him out there with the other kids. His parents got a court order forcing them to accept him on the team. Discrimination you see. Down in the US, the courts are retarded enough that they don’t even need human rights commissions.

    Then the parents informed the coach that if their son were injured, HE was responsible. He consulted with Hockey USA (their minor hockey association) and they told him, “Dress the kid, because you can’t defy a court order, but don’t put him on the ice. If he’s hurt, his parents WILL sue you.” So he dressed him but sat him. The parents then threatened to take the league to court unless he was removed as coach. Ultimately he was. 

    So like Milbury or hate him, but that’s beside the point. Don’t be so quick to assume wrong-doing here. Could be some other hockey parents are far crazier than him, and they are the cause of this. 

  7. Milbury’s actions are not surprising, he has always had the “bully” mentality.  His son must be so embarrassed.  All the other kids will now target his son, knowing that daddy can’t come protect him.

  8. Milbury…pick on someone your own size…like Pierre McGuire!

    Having said that, this doesn’t seem like that much of a surprise, given what he did in 1979.

  9. atleast Milbury is not on the ice

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