Military police weren't concerned with Afghan detention -

Military police weren’t concerned with Afghan detention

Senior policeman tells inquiry his forces were focused on Canadian troops


Though Canadian troops were keen to make sure Afghan detainees weren’t subjected to abuse while in their custody, that concern didn’t extend to how they’d be treated once in Afghan authorities’ hands. According to a senior military policeman testifying before the Military Complaints Commission, Canadian soldiers didn’t consider preventing Afghans from torturing detainees part of their job. “My military policemen had more than enough to do with their own responsibilities,” Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Boot told the commission Thursday. “We didn’t need to go looking for work.” Boot says the military was instead eager to avoid a repeat of the Somalia scandal, in which a Somali teenager was killed while in Canadian custody. “Our focus was much more on: were [Canadian] soldiers abusing.”

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Military police weren’t concerned with Afghan detention

  1. Your argument is that handing over Afghanis to be tortured by Afghanis (our allies) is not our responsibility to prevent? Closing our eyes to the criminal behaviour of our friends is a criminal offense and makes us accessories to a crime if we don't report it.

    • This Lieutenant-Colonel's thinking is exactly what we were afraid of; and it clearly demonstrates that senior Canadian military officials and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (and others in the SH government) were negligent in their responsibilities to ensure policies and practices aligned with the Geneva Convention. The CPC has had more than four years to address this. They have been complicit in the torture, and even deaths of Afghan prisoners, some of whom may have been innocent.. No wonder they have been so evasive. I'm worried more than ever about what else may unfold.

  2. I can see his point.

    I understand that the Geneva Convention states somewhere that our nation cannot hand over detainees if they have evidence that such detainees will be tortured elsewhere in that case,

    but where exactly does the Geneva Convention state that the Afghans must also be responsible under the very same convention?

    Only our military must act in respect of Geneva Conventions, not the opposing side? If so, that would make for an interesting war, would it not? Let;s get things into perspective here

  3. We are not there to build a Canadian version of Guantanamo Bay nor are we there to colonize Afghanistan. There is an elected government in Afghanistan and they are responsible for their own people. Pressure should be given to the Afghan Government on how they handle their prisoners instead of wasting our money and time on what our soldiers are not responsible for. Why are these people complaining here instead of going to Afghanistan and complain there, is beyond me. These people should instead be investigated on what their true motives are.

    • Don't expect any meaningful investigation by this current government. This alone makes me question their authority.