Minister blasts Edmonton airport security over man found with explosives


EDMONTON – The federal transport minister says the way security screeners at Edmonton’s International Airport handled a young man who was caught with an explosive device in his luggage was unacceptable.

In a statement, Lisa Raitt says the 18-year-old should not have been allowed to board his flight after the device was confiscated.

And Raitt says security personnel should not have waited four days to contact RCMP, who eventually laid charges.

Skylar Murphy pleaded guilty last month to possession of an explosive substance and was sentenced to a year of probation and fined $100.

Court documents describe the material seized from his luggage as black powder and there are reports that say it was a pipe bomb.

Canada’s Air Transport Security Authority has said little about the incident, only that screeners do not have the authority to arrest passengers and that the organization constantly reviews procedures.

Raitt says she will call the president of the authority to discuss the matter.


Minister blasts Edmonton airport security over man found with explosives

  1. My God, she’s back at work!

    • Physically at work, yes. But work I doubt is a lost art for her.

      Security screeners can hold you for the RCMP to arrest you. If Raitt had any management capabilities she would have already demoted and employee reprimanded the manager and employee who let this happen. Maybe even fire them for negligence.

      But she is over paid politician with no real skills others than to deflect blame, lie and deceit. Real problem is no government discipline. No accountability.

      • Unless I’m greatly mistaken, security screening is contracted out, is it not? In which case, as the screener is NOT a government employee, Raitt would have no direct say in the fate of the individual…

  2. Raitt has only here department management to blame. She isthe Minister of Transport so she can talk less and reprimand or fire the mismanagement.

    But its like the rest of Ottawa, all cheap talk and no real tangible action.

  3. Lisa does do indignant well , likes a sexy file . Skylar’s troubles are not over !Meanwhile back at Elections Canada , things are are happening .