Missing biker’s Al Capone-era cars up for auction

Presumed dead, a Hells Angel’s million dollar collection will be sold


Cedric Baxter Smith, a member of the Vancouver Hells Angels, hasn’t been seen in a year and is presumed assassinated after falling for an undercover RCMP sting operation. Late next month in Calgary, the 37 vintage cars Smith obsessed over will go on auction because his family can no longer afford to keep them, the Calgary Herald’s Robert Remington reports. “Among them is a 1937 Cadillac Fleetwood that was used at the ceremonial opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. As befitting a Hells Angels biker, many of Smith’s 11 vehicles are Al Capone-era ‘gangster’ cars, including a black 1936 Cadillac, a dark maroon 1936 Lincoln and a dark blue 1938 Buick.”

Calgary Herald

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Missing biker’s Al Capone-era cars up for auction

  1. None of the cars listed are from Al Capone’s era. Al Capone was in prison from 1931 to 1939, when all those cars were made.

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