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Missing Moncton woman found alive

Police arrest man in connection with Donna O’Rielly’s disappearance


Donna O’Rielly has been found alive nearly a month after vanishing outside of the mall where she was working in Moncton, New Brunswick. Police have arrested a 62-year-old man in connection with the case. “She got away on her own when the guy went out for some reason. She got out of the house, went out on the road and flagged down a Purolator truck. And from there the guy took her right to the cop station, from there cops took it over,” said O’Rielly’s brother, Austin Lawrence. O’Rielly’s family has maintained throughout the ordeal that she was abducted, although police treated their investigation as a missing persons case.

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Missing Moncton woman found alive

  1. And now in the latest example of Judaical lunacy in Canada, after a full month of the missing woman's name and face being plastered everywhere there is a court imposed ban on publication of the victim's name now that the perpetrator has been hauled before the courts!!!

  2. Isn't that a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?

  3. I don't understand the court imposed ban on publication of the victim's name. Can anyone help me understand this. Everyone in Atlantic Canada, perhaps even all of Canada knows the victims name and face very well, I seen her face and heard her name in the media every single day. What purpose does banning publication of the victim's name do?

  4. The reason the woman's name was released in previous reports was due to the fact the case was filed as a "missing person". Now that the woman has escaped and the accused has been brought in to custody, new light has been shed on what was ounce though as a "missing person", and has escalated to assault, assault with a weapon, kidnapping, sexual assault, rape and death threats. Under Canadian law, the media is not allowed to release the name of any sexual assault victim, regardless of age. That is why her name has been removed from the media.

  5. The public all ready knows the woman's name why should there be
    a ban,Everyone is relieved she is home with her family
    Everyones prayers have been answered

  6. This law has to be for everyone…let's just hope the Canadian judicial system does its job now….what a strong, courageous woman Donna O'Reilly is. A wonderful example for all of us.