Mitchel Raphael on the celeb who claims Ottawa has a nightlife -

Mitchel Raphael on the celeb who claims Ottawa has a nightlife

What got Rona Ambrose upset, Jack Layton’s out-of-date bobble-head, and Another Newman says goodbye


What got Rona Ambrose upset
Rona Ambrose, minister for status of women, was recently in Israel where she met with her counterpart Gila Gamliel. Ambrose also toured the Israeli-Lebanese border and met three brigades of female soldiers. The women’s job is to protect the frontier through intelligence gathering and high-tech surveillance. The leader of the brigades told Ambrose that when the women are done serving, high-tech companies swoop in and hire them because their skills are in such demand. The minister also met the leader’s commander, 45-year-old Lt.-Col. Dov Harari. The two talked about the hardware store Harari owned with his brother and then chatted about his family. When Ambrose discovered the commander had relatives in Toronto, she asked whether he had ever been to Canada. He hadn’t he said. Ambrose encouraged him to come visit, but Harari pointed to the border he had been working to protect so much of his life, and said, “I have this to take care of.” Last week, Ambrose’s staff broke the news to her that Harari was killed in the recent skirmish on the Israeli-Lebanese border. Ambrose, who had been very impressed with Harari, was visibly upset by the news.

Among her other projects, Ambrose is now working with Governor General Michaëlle Jean on a special conference. The plan is to have a gathering of all the women who have influenced Jean to celebrate the end of her term.

Jack Layton’s out-of-date bobble-head
Jack Layton spent the weekend at Taste of the Danforth, the annual festival in Toronto’s Greektown area, which is located in the NDP leader’s riding. Many men came over to Layton’s booth to talk about their battles with prostate cancer, which Layton is currently fighting. He joked that the Jack Layton bobble-heads he was giving out at the booth should be updated because hair has grown back on the top of his head. Layton is on a strict diet and says he is avoiding anything white like flour and white rice. He tries to eat as many orange and red foods as he can and no longer consumes meat. That meant no souvlaki at Taste of the Danforth.

Another Newman says goodbye
After the announcement of Dawna Friesen as the new anchor for Global National came news of a goodbye party for the outgoing host Kevin Newman. Don Martin of the National Post sent out a funny email to say: “The second annual Newman ‘retirement’ from the television news grind will be celebrated in now-traditional national press gallery style at Brixton’s [British pub].” Last year, the CBC’s Don Newman left his chair as the host of Politics with Don Newman and was replaced by Evan Solomon and his show Power & Politics with Evan Solomon. Kevin Newman plans to spend time at his cottage and then travel to Italy. Newman, who was the only national news anchor based in the capital, considers Ottawa his home, having lived there now four times—both he and his wife, Cathy Newman, have made their presence felt in Ottawa social and charitable circles. Newman’s first stint in Ottawa had him scrumming Pierre Trudeau. At a party at his cottage to celebrate his 50th birthday, someone unearthed Newman’s painful interview with pop star Prince. At the time, Newman was host of Good Morning America. For the duration of the interview, Prince did not say a word.

Newman says he hopes to work on more documentaries after his return from Italy. Over the last while he has had several documentaries air on Global on such topics as animals rights. “Ottawa has not updated the criminal code [on animal rights] since the 19th century,” he notes. Newman told Capital Diary that Ottawa is “a really nice city to retire to.” Though when he returned to the city this time, he says, he was pleased to discover it finally had a nightlife.


Mitchel Raphael on the celeb who claims Ottawa has a nightlife

  1. Most things in this country haven't been updated since the 19th century.

    • If that includes your point of view then I won't argue with you.

      • I'm a 21st century type, sorry.

    • Emily, I belive your heart's in the right place and think I'm roughly on the same end of the political spectrum as you, but when you make these blanket, easily refutable statements, you invite nothing but instant dismissal of all of your comments, whatever they are on any topic. I know you're often right, but you undercut yourself so much.

      • Well Derek, for the most part Canada is still living in the 19th century. Our institutions, our laws, our outlook….and I say so.

        • But you rarely make factually-based arguments to back up you claims.

          How exactly, then? The only one that pops to mind is regards to sex work and bawdy houses– definitely stuck in the 19th C. But what about penalties for crime? Or the treatment of Francophones?Jews? Catholics? Is there even an Orange Lodge in active existence anymore? What about the advent of the welfare state? What about women's suffrage/black suffrage/aboriginal suffrage? What about the decriminlization of homosexuality? What about gay marriage? What about the change in the tariff system? Or public education? Or even public libraries? Or the fact we have our own Constitution and declare war on our own? What about the creation of a third Territory? Ok I could go on and on but feel I've been pendantic enough.

          Again, I feel we're kind of "on the same side here," but you're doing a disservice to "our side" by being so melodramatic/flippant all the time.

          • I didn't realize I had to detail the monarchy, an adversarial parliamentary system, prohibition, xenophobia, seal hunts, creationists in charge of science, and a Leave it to Beaver mindset since they are there for everyone to see.

            Also we don't have a welfare state, and yes there are still Orange lodges.

          • Monarchy, yes, forgot to mention that, though it too has evolved an immense amount in the past 110 years. Your other points– save Leave it to Beaver, which neo-cons but no one else endorse, are valid. Though even the level and quality of xenophobia have changed for the better. Parliamentary systems will always be adversarial, however. And we certainly do have welfare state, especially compared to the 1890s. Anyhow, I tried to offer friendly help but get a generally flippant response. Whatevs.

          • Yes, parliamentary systems will always be adversarial, and they're outdated. It's no way to run a G8 country in the 21st century.

            The monarchy remains a medieval institution, no matter how often the 'royals' appear in the tabs.

            Xenophobia…both govt and public….over the Tamils is appalling.

            We are nowhere near a welfare state. Canada is third way.

            I thought you wanted to discuss this? I provided back-up, and you depart. Whatever.

          • Oh Derek. Now you know what it feels like to get Emilied. I resent that most people on the left side of the spectrum are saved the sheer, unmitigated frustration caused by the experience.

          • LOL 'Emilied' yet!

            I don't know who irritates me the most, the left or the rightwing. They're both long outdated.

          • Ah, but Olaf, we on the "left" (quotations because I'm generally in the centre) have experienced Dennis F. I think we're more than even.

  2. Good to hear that Jack is doing well. No souvlaki is harsh though… not sure how well tzatziki works with tofu.

  3. I'm curious about his eating red and orange foods — does anyone know the health benefits of that? Something to do with beating cancer?

      • Hey, where did my thank you very much note to Stewart go?

        Thank you very much again, Stewart.

    • Antioxidants.

    • I eat lots of red, orange and green veggies. Since my Stage IV cancer diagnosis 7/8 years ago, I also take lots of supplements. I also enjoy lots of bad health habits. My Onc. keeps saying keep on doing what you're doing.

      • Sounds like you're doing something very right — all the best to you and cheers to your continued good health (despite those bad habits…of which we all have a few).

  4. Taste of the Danforth is about a 12 minute walk south of my front door (yes, Layton is my MP god help me), and it's become a nightmare gong-show of overcrowding and street-meat food. My advice is to avoid this particular quick-buck-faux-mulitcultural celebration and come back on a regular night for some good Greek (or Thai, or Indian, or Japanese) food at a regular sit-down restaurant meal. In spite of all this, best wishes to Jack on beating his cancer.

    • Now that you're no longer a bear, and are instead a rather avant garde lobby of some sort, I find it harder to relate to you.

      Please be a bear.

  5. Rona Ambrose, minister for status of women[sic], was recently in Israel where she met with her counterpart Gila Gamliel.

    That's sweet. I wonder if Rona took a minute to chat with Gila about some Israeli women's-rights issues about which a Canadian feminist like Ambrose [*cough*] should be concerned—like the virtual necessity of undergoing an Orthodox wedding, regardless of a bride's personal preference, and the state's refusal to grant citizenship to the Palestinian wives of Israeli Jewish men.

    Probably not. Canada has become very picky as to whom it delivers its scolding bleeding-heart lectures. China? You betcha. Israel? Not so much.

  6. Emily noted:
    "Well Derek, for the most part Canada is still living in the 19th century. Our institutions, our laws, our outlook….and I say so. "

    Actually, Emily….if what you wrote was even remotely true, you wouldn't be saying anything, and in the off chance you did; no one would really listen to what you have to say anyway.

    Hmm…wait a minute……you may be on to something.