Moderate drinking helps young people’s hearts -

Moderate drinking helps young people’s hearts

One or two drinks a day can curb heart disease risk


New research shows that moderate drinking, generally defined as one or two alcoholic drinks per day, can reduce the risk of heart disease in younger adults, Reuters reports. Heart disease is very rare in men under 40 and women under 50, so it’s been hard to study the effects of alcohol consumption on heart disease risk in these people. But Dr. Alberto Ascherio of the Harvard School of Public Health looked at data from eight studies including over 192,000 women and almost 75,000 men (men’s average age was 50; women’s was 54) and found that consuming 30 grams of alcohol a day reduced the risk of heart disease for women by 42 per cent and cut men’s risk by 31 per cent.


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Moderate drinking helps young people’s hearts

  1. Given that the risk of heart disease is so low for this cohort, how does this benefit compare to the risks of drinking across large populations (alcoholism, impaired driving, etc…)?

    I'm not being a prohibiltionist or anything like that, but it seems like an awful lot of research is dedicated to the defence of alcohol – often using rather particularly defined criteria to show its benefits. And the media often seems eager to help its audience justify behaviours they were going to engage in anyway.

  2. As an old codger I have just done a scientific study I love 2 0r 3 strong scotchs a day.All my contemporaries are dead .they were too stupid to drink scotch and drank all that other rot gut like rye,vodka,gin and beer.Oh well i did my best to warn them!!

  3. My Doctor told me over 30 years ago to have an ounce of Brandy about an hour before bed time…Had my annual check up and my heart is great shape, sleep like a baby too!