Mohawk communities protest nuclear shipments

Native communities along the St. Lawrence River vow to stop Bruce Power


Mohawk communities along the St. Lawrence River have joined environmental groups in attempting to stop the shipment of nuclear waste along their traditional waterways. Bruce Power is planning to ship 16 decommissioned nuclear steam generators to Sweden for recycling after the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission approved their request. Mohawks from the communities of Kahnawake, Tyendenaga and Akwesasne have joined the Canadian Enironmental Law Association and Sierra Club Canada in calling for a full environmental assessment before the waste is allowed to be shipped along the St. Lawrence Seaway. “We’re prepared to do whatever’s necessary in the coming months to stop this,” said Kahnawake Grand Chief Mike Delisle, “first and foremost we are going to take legal action and stand with our white brothers and sisters who have opposed this through the court system.” Delisle referred to 3 shipping accidents within the last ten years to justify Mohawk concerns. “This, frankly, has received a lot more attention than the content of what we’re doing warrents,” said Bruce Power CEO Duncan Hawthorne, calling opponents “the people who act as though Chernobyl was yesterday.”

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Mohawk communities protest nuclear shipments

  1. I wonder what the actual risk to Canadian's health is from transporting this equipment…as compared to to the actual health issues resulting from Mowhawk's manufacturing and selling millions and millions of illegal smokes?

    Seems pretty hypocritical on their part to suddenly have such high moral standards when it comes to risking Canadian's health.

    Then again…perhaps it's just a ploy to extract money from the government…then it would all make sense.

  2. As opposed to all the legal smokes being produced by Caucasians that are healthy? Or was it ok when RJ Reynolds and big tobacco used these communities to move cigs in the 90's when Mohawks were not making the cigs themselves? where's the hypocrisy.

    As for the nuclear waste, when you don't personally have a say to become affected by minute particles of radiation, is it ok? When you go to the hospital you give consent for xrays. When these 32, not 16, generators go through you are not giving consent to be affected by the amount of radiation given off.

    And what about the radioactive waste that comes back to Bruce power when the metal has been recycled?

    • Last time I looked R.J. Reynolds was not taking an advocacy position on shipment of Bruce Nuclear boiler shells in the interest of protecting public health.

      If they did…they'd be hypocrites too.

    • Well, here's a sudden thought. Stop selling millions of cigarettes and then they will have the moral high ground. Easy as that.

  3. Well you talk about 2 separate things so I made reference to both as well. Bruce Power was given the ok to store the generators on site, why has that changed? Money I suppose. Why doesn’t Bruce Power send the generators to the Studsvik plants in the US for recycling?
    And it is not just the Mohawks who are opposed to the shipment. There are numerous cities and towns in the US and Canada that are opposed to this shipment but media is portraying the Mohawks as the renegades again. If all stakeholders on either side of the border stand together on this issue then it could be very positive.

    • It would be even more positive if people would not fly off the handle every time they hear the word radiation.

      Guaranteed that absolutely no amount of scientific evidence or study or reports that say this is safe will EVER be excepted by many if not most of the people who object to the shipment.

      And those squeaky wheels will be the ones front and centre in the media…all hysterical and claiming the sky is falling.

      All we need now to give the movement some real scientific credibility is to get an expert like Bono or Gheldof involved in it.

  4. All these people are sniffing around for loot. Hypocrites. Especially the 'Mohawks'.

  5. Did anyone read the whole item? Bruce Power has contempt for anyone not prepared to back their money grabs and obvious desire to make Canada swallow the bill for USA nuclear mistakes. Read the company's comment:
    “This, frankly, has received a lot more attention than the content of what we're doing warrents,” said Bruce Power CEO Duncan Hawthorne, calling opponents “the people who act as though Chernobyl was yesterday.”
    Listen Duncan, to those people from Chernobyl it WAS yesterday … their grief and pain is real today. A true corporate lackey, Mr. Hawthorne once again tries to refute legitimate opinions and uncomfortable facts by discounting any contrary opinion. Chernobyl was created and supported by the same disregard for people that Bruce Power engages in daily.
    I have to say that I am really disheartened by the racist comments. This issue is shipping USA radioactive waste through International Waters within sight of Canada … there is no need to do this except for the USA avoiding its responsibility to handle its own waste at home.

    • You cannot compare Chernobyl to modern nuclear power plants. However emotionally scarring it was to the people and families of Chernobyl, trying to compare it with modern plants is like trying to compare a spitfighter with an F-16.

  6. @ Disappointed Cdn …'' I have to say I am disheartened by the racist comments ''…..I have gone over this thread three times for ''racist '' comments, and in my humble opinion I could find none…could you clarify please ? If any where made , I would appreciate knowing what the were, so that in any of my future posts I am sure not to use them myself…thanks….

    • those Reserves lucky enough to have an industry to support them are the Bourgeois of their society. Insisting these communities attain some kind of moral highground before sharing their opinions with other communities seems more fascist than racist

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