Moms admit they lie about their kids

Pressure to be a perfect parent causes them to cover up


Almost one-quarter of mothers admit they cover up how much television their kids watch, and one in five lie about how long they spend playing with their kids, according to a new survey of 5,000 people by website Netmums. Mothers often make each other feel “inadequate,” it notes, and the pressure to seem like a perfect parent leads many to lie. Almost two-thirds of moms also said they’d told white lies to other mothers about how well they were coping, and almost half cover up financial concerns. More than nine out of 10 admitted they compare themselves to other mothers.

BBC News

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Moms admit they lie about their kids

  1. If you feel you have to lie about how much tv your children are watching or how much time you are spending with them, to the people you are hanging out with….there is a problem. Perhaps your kids are spending too much time in front of the tv & you are spending to much time away OR you need to get some new friends who don't judge you. Life is too short to feel inadequate about yourself. Especially now when you know that all these other mothers are lying too!

  2. BUT! Do they lie about how their child may turn out homosexual? Well, sure they do!

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