Moms who take folic acid have smarter kids, study suggests -

Moms who take folic acid have smarter kids, study suggests

Children were more organized, had better motor skills than peers


According to U.S. researchers, children in rural Nepal whose mothers took iron and folic acid supplements during pregnancy had children who were smarter, more organized, and had better fine motor skills than those whose mothers didn’t get the supplements, Reuters reports. Making sure pregnant women get such basic prenatal care could have a big effect on children who live in poor communities, they noted, where iron deficiency is common. Iron is important for the central nervous system, noted the study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and early iron deficiency can interfere with everything from nerve development to metabolism. Even so, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder in the world and affects 2 billion people.


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Moms who take folic acid have smarter kids, study suggests

  1. Same deal with putting iodine in the salt, to help stamp out a major cause of mental retardation in children in developing countries.

    Slowly but surely we will keep finding ways to rather cheaply make huge differences to these struggling societies. Then the challenge will be to convince these struggling societies to incorporate them.

  2. Yes, cooking with cast iron pots goes a long way to keeping your iron levels up.

  3. I have used cast Iron pans all my life, and until now was not aware that there are health benefits from using them, I guess it's true what they say, Learn something new everyday…..

    • Heh…I don't consider ingesting part of the cookware a health benefit.

      • Well Emily if you were anemic you might find it helpful. Or if you were a vegan and had a hard time getting a sufficient aount of iron you might find it helpful. Afterall, what is the difference between the iron pot leeching iron into your food or you taking an iron supplement which provides iron?

      • It's called '' roughage '' Emily…..better than Brocoli…………

        • You're eating your pots and pans.

          Most people prefer food.

    • You would have to be pretty sheltered to be unaware of such simply understood facts. What did you think leeched from Iron? Who said it was a health benefit? If so just file some off the pan and swallow! Once daily! lol

  4. Emily, there are very few people with excessive iron (hemochromatosis); those who get many blood transfusions and those with a genetic disorder 1 in 2000 and they likely know they have it. However, according to the article. There are many people with iron deficiency which can cause many medical problems besides just tiredness, which is a common complaint. Now you know from the wikipedia article that cast iron cookware has been around for hundreds of years and is safe. A person can also get a lot of iron from green leafy veggies and especially from red meat but you strike me as a vegetarian. I am right?

    • LOL no, never been a vegetarian…strictly carnivorous….and I don't eat pots and pans either.

      • Teflon pans are quite tasty also, if you scrape them with a fork………

        • LOL yes, no doubt.

  5. Iron supplement is of the most recognized minerals in society, amongst females as they lose huge amounts of iron in their body in the coursework of menstruation & child birth.