Monday's emergency landing in Toronto explained -

Monday’s emergency landing in Toronto explained

Pilot spilled coffee on controls


A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany made an emergency landing in Toronto on Monday after encountering problems with the communication system. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration confirmed Wednesday that those communication problems were caused by the pilot, who had spilled coffee on the radio equipment. The incident is still being investigated.

CBC News


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Monday’s emergency landing in Toronto explained

  1. The cause includes MANY factors, not just human coffee spilling. Humans spill coffee. Who designed and built this bird in such a way that a pilot's spilled coffee can bring down the communications system? And WHAT ELSE in there is so vulnerable to inevitable oopses?

    • pilots should not be allowed to eat or drink in the cockpit

      • You think that flight safety is HELPED by preventing pilots from taking care of their feeding-and-watering needs in the cockpit on a lengthy flight? Wow.

        Aircraft manufacturers should make planes that can withstand humans being human when they are doing their job stuck in one place for hours on end.

      • Right, they should totally pull the jet over for a pit-stop.

  2. Uh-oh, spaghetti-Os!

  3. I did that to my calculator, and it went dumb on me.

  4. where would he get one very few timmies in the states

    • r sampling, I will do this over just for you…ready ? Pay attention now ,because I'm only doing this once O.K.?…This could have been avoided if the Pilot had been using a '' Starbucks or 7-11'' travel mug…….Better ?

    • Tell you what r sampling, I will re-post just for you, Pay attention , here we go …'This could have been avoided had the pilot been using a'' Starbucks or 7-11'' travel mug…just sayin……Better ??

  5. The good news is that once the control dried out it probably worked 100%. At least that is what happened to the tv and the telephone when I spilled coffee on them. Of course I do not take sugar….

  6. Ignore this post please..just checking my pc…doesn't appear to be sending…does it ???