Monkeys part of security measures at Commonwealth Games

The langurs are expected to keep other simians in check


Monkeys are now part of the security measures at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. Langurs, a common type on monkey in south Asia, are large and fierce, and are often used in India to keep other monkeys in check in public places. Beginning on Wednesday, about 10 of these animals will be on duty outside several venues, and that number will increase in the days leading up to Sunday’s opening ceremony. “The additional langurs will take care of the games venues and other important areas,” the council told the Press Trust of India news agency.

Washington Post

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Monkeys part of security measures at Commonwealth Games

  1. I hope this is not about bigger bullies beating smaller bullies. In itself the monkeys staging their own common wealth games, cool!

    • in a few million years, quite possible. and we will be working security for them, as they are for us now.

  2. Now thats what you call Really cheap labour……

    • we call it "utilization of natural resources." :-)

  3. It seems that the monkeys were/are more involved with the games than just security

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