Montreal acid attack victim has the mobility of “an infant”


After being attacked with acid last month, Montreal’s Tanya St-Arnauld still has several skin grafts to undergo and will then move to a rehab hospital.

St-Arnault was burned on a fifth of her body wen a corrosive fluid was thrown on her during a domestic dispute at the end of August. For four days, she was in a medically induced coma. Her boyfriend, Nikolas Stefanatos, has been charged with three counts of assault, including aggravated assault. He appeared in court on Wednesday but has had his bail hearing postponed for two more weeks.

The victim is still largely unable to move and needs help with nearly everything. Her mother said she is “like an infant.”



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Montreal acid attack victim has the mobility of “an infant”

  1. The irony here, is that the agressor’s lawyer is a female….
    a women gets assaulted, by a beast, as far as i’m concerned, and, another women will defend this beast, nice solidarity ladies!!! …..what if this lawyer has children of her own, what about her mother, her sister, best friend, cousin, What if it happens to them. Is money that important to this….um lady?

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