Montreal Cop Abuse: a helpful translation -

Montreal Cop Abuse: a helpful translation

SPVM officer Stéfanie Trudeau, hard at work.


SPVM officer Stéfanie Trudeau, hard at work. Picture courtesy Radio-Canada

OK, so a bit of background. Yesterday, Radio-Canada had a cherry of a story about Stéfanie Trudeau, a Montreal police officer. Ms. Trudeau first gained notoriety during last spring’s student strikes, when she was filmed in full riot gear, casually hosing down demonstrators and passersby with pepper spray as though they were so many geraniums. The incident cost Officer 728—her badge number—her position on the force’s riot squad during the remainder of the protests.

On October 2, the officer “caught” a fellow beer in hand, opening the door to his apartment building for his friend. This ensued. Watch it. It’s astounding/stomach churning. Trudeau confiscated all the phones on the scene (save for the one filming the incident, évidemment) but accidentally hit the call button on one of them. 728’s epic tirade to her boss was caught on tape. She’s nasty, angry and profane, yet keenly aware of her own notoriety throughout.

Here is a rough translation of what she said:

“Then we managed to handcuff him, but during that time all the rats who were upstairs in… these guitar strummers, they’re all goddamn red squares [ed’s note: symbol of student protest], all these goddamn artists of, of, anyway they’re all shit eaters, so they all started coming out of the apartment, you know.

“Then we… we… I jumped on the goddamn asshole. Then, obviously, he resisted the neck hold, goddammit, I’m choking him, then I go down the stairs, we’re fighting with him in the stairs […] Then finally I had to raise the tone and I started going crazy, so that people go back upstairs, you know.

“Even if I wasn’t 728 they’re idiots anyways, you know it’s because they recognized me, it’s damn sure that I’m easily recognizable, they’re aren’t 12,000 women who fight […] No, I didn’t pepper spray them, but I was fucking close to it, I was close, I really fucking wanted to, but I told myself that if I did it I’d find myself in the headlines again.”

Mission accomplished, despite herself.

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Montreal Cop Abuse: a helpful translation

  1. LOL all those years women were told they were much too delicate and fragile to be cops…..

    • You’re a fu**ing idiot! That woman doesn’t have the balls (sorry, the ovaries) to take on a gangbanger from the ghetto or a biker from the trailer park. Using excessive force on a harmless, middle-aged hipster who won’t fight back just proves that she’s a spineless coward who never faced real sh*t! And so are you for cheering her on!

      • Well, your name suits you. LOL

        • Have you faced real danger before? I think not. I think you’re nothing but a delicate and fragile woman who’s too scared of leaving her comfortable house in the suburbs when the night falls…

          • Like I said, you suit your name.

            Is growing up an option for you?

          • You’re the one who needs to learn to leave the house after dark, not me.

          • Off you go, sonny. I see no sense in talking to monkeys.

          • A monkey must have a bigger brain than you.

          • ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • That’s it. Go to sleep, Ms. I’m-too-afraid-of-leaving-the-house-after-dark. Go to sleep, Ms. My-personal-heroine-is-a-fat-b*tch-who-needs-20-cars-full-of-cops-for-backup-to-handle-four-hipsters.

          • Go drink elsewhere.You’re a bore.

        • Have you faced real danger before? I think not. I think you’re nothing but a fragile and delicate woman who’s too scared of leaving her comfortable house in the suburbs when it’s dark…

  2. Looks like a potential CPC candidate who could easily step into Vic Toews shoes and become the new Justice Minister.

  3. just so you know, in 2001 she was reported to have used excessive force to arrest a women but the “déontologie policière” dropped the case.. in 2001 she was suspended for 6 days for an aggresive attitute towards the Saint-Justine hospital personnel… in 2003 again the “déontologie policière” dropped the case for another excessive force to arrest a man… the 2010 incident with the Quebec students a now this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s very poor conduct, but it’s not astounding to people familiar with police conduct as a whole. Not all of them are bad, but they have a monopoly on the legitimate use of force and essentially no accountability on how they use it.

  5. oops… she used excessive force towards a women in 2000 not 2001, sorry.

  6. I understand the 19th century Pinkertons have some openings.
    They’re all on the public payroll these days.

  7. That’ll teach the guy in the red glasses to miss the roids delivery date.

  8. She did many stupid thing, but she always had a break, because daddy was a hight rank cop to.

  9. She was not reporting to her boss but talking to her husband, who is also a policeman.

  10. If you could understand the ”québecois” language spoken by this person, your teeth would fall out. I do not know how some of these really low class and very poorly educated people
    can make it to police school. The city of Montreal’ standards must be really bad as several police officers seems to come out of the slums. While I come from a very modest background, I am still shock to hear such language. The police is unfortunately not earning our respect.