Montreal hit by tornadoes -

Montreal hit by tornadoes

Environment Canada confirms Monday’s funnel clouds were twisters


The two funnel clouds that tore through Montreal Monday, tearing limbs from trees in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and Mascouche and knocking out power with winds up to 90 kilometres an hour were actually F0 tornadoes, the lowest intensity tornadoes on the Fujita scale. Environment Canada made the confirmation, says the system has now moved on and that weather should be calm and cool until the weekend.

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Montreal hit by tornadoes

  1. I saw some picutres of the funnels, some really amazing stuff.
    As usual what I wonder is are these occurences rare or perhaps more common than we think?
    Can you image the damage a powerful tornado(es?) would inflict on a city like Montreal? Not a pretty sight.