Montreal Jews fear hate campaign

Schools and temples vandalized over the weekend


B’nai Brith, the Jewish advocacy and community organization, is warning against “an orchestrated campaign of anti-Semitic attacks” in Montreal after the windows of three synagogues, a Jewish school, and a daycare were smashed over the weekend. The targeting of the school and daycare is of particular concern to Montreal’s Jewish community, given the 2004 firebombing of the United Talmud Torah School. So far, no arrests have been made and no eyewitnesses have come forward, although police will be reviewing surveillance video.

Toronto Star

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Montreal Jews fear hate campaign

  1. False Flag: " False flag operations are covert operations which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. "

  2. I don't know what ^ is trying to say. I'm sad for the Jewish community in Montreal and hope that the people who commited these crimes will be found and charged.

    • Haven't had much luck in 400 years eh? You might have noticed in the past 50 years, that if the French are involved, its covered up. Its great for inclusion of the species.
      Although it never works.

  3. Sounds like some NDP supporters had a busy weekend.

    • That's pretty vile.

    • James, try to raise your level of discourse beyond "smear" occasionally. It will make for much better reading on the thread.

  4. Hezbollah & the Liberals on the attack again? Jews should emigrate to Ontario.

  5. Maybe if the English Defense League is still town on that Anti Islam Rally ( the Jewish Defense League invited them ) they could help track down the culprits ……Just a thought…..

  6. Another result of allowing for uncontrolled immigration form muslim third world….

    • What choice does Quebec have? Either that, immigrate from former destroyed french 3rd World colonies (the real french would sooner go to England), or add Viagra to the poutine.
      Anyhow, the french have had their chance to succeed as a Nation, they failed, the English are again encroaching toward supremacy, game over. Simple as was known 50 years ago. Just read the latest on the forced french military! Now Child abusers! Who ever heard of such crap with a real military?

      • Forced French Military? I think I'm missing something here.

        • I think it's he, who is missing something.

  7. Mike T noted:
    "That's pretty vile. "

    Hey Mikey……..talk to Libby Davies lately?

    Scott Tribe requested:
    "James, try to raise your level of discourse beyond "smear" occasionally. It will make for much better reading on the thread."

    Sorry, Scott,
    I call it as I see it. If you doubt it…I recommend you take some time to visit the University of Victoria……..it is an eye-opener.

    While you're at it……try and guess the political affiliation all of those "Israeli Anti-Apartheid Week" supporters identify with.

    It ain't the Conservatives…….

  8. I assumed that this thread would be all bile and vitriol against Muslims. I was right. Since that's already been accomplished, I'll leave a link to an article about Egyptian Muslims acting as 'human shields' to protect their Christian brothers' Christmas mass.

    It isn't Muslims defending Jews, but then antisemitism isn't really confined to those of the Islamic faith.

    • If one post in ten is your definition of "all" then I think you may require some help with basic arithmetic. Also your statement preceding the link makes absolutely no cognitive sense.

  9. Looks like Hesbollah and NDP supporters are growing strong in QC…..

  10. Quebec has been a place of many intolerant incidents. Booing of American Anthem (Even very young American children are commenting of how afraid they are of this province), dragging and stomping on Flags, hounding an Israeli Prime Minister from speaking, Prohibition of the English language, boycotting of Stores that carry Israeli products (initiated no less by an elected official – shame on him), and etcetera, etc. When are residents of Quebec going to stand up and clean up this ugly picture their province is projecting. Whe you look behind the scenes, many students from their Universities are themselves culprit for these intolerance. Very soon other provinces will be infected too as infiltration of student organizations by foreign special interest groups is quite relentless, and students are made for excellent and willing dupes.

  11. Funny how the left are concerned about the mistreatment of Muslims and homosexuals yet seemingly it is OK to persecute Jews and Christians. Comes the revolution…

  12. You forget Jeet…..to the folks who support the Left…..

    Jews – not really people
    Christians – not really people

    Conservatives – worst of the bunch.

    Probably because they support both.

  13. I don't believe in any campaign of anti-semitic.
    It' s jewish fake.

    • U r good English.

  14. Vatro wrote:
    "U r good English."



  15. its about time somebody got the picture her.you are all so right. but dig this, this conspiracy by the jews runs so deep. that you probably have a hard time believing me if i told you they( the jews) are behind the scene's controlling our government .our federal treasury (the fed) is privately owned by, guess who? ever heard the term international bankers?all jews. and yes jeet these our their same blueprints to agitate defile and corrupt society so the can set up their perfect littlle government with us non jews their slaves. this is their ultimate goal and if people dont start to wake up we are gonna be at their mercy. and every body knows they have none. not to mention self admitted, and documented pedophiles just read their doctrine the TALMUD


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