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I watched The Golden Globes only to see how badly that irrepressible prick Ricky Gervais would skewer those assembled in front of him. (He did his job beautifully, perhaps a little too well…)

That said, my cockles were duly warmed when Paul Giamatti took best actor in a musical or comedy for Barney’s Version, and I outright wept when Giamatti threw some serious love at the 514, and the country as a whole, during his acceptance speech. Montreal, he said, is “an incredible beautiful city which I dream about. An incredible place in a great nation, Canada. And I salute the great nation of Canada.”

Whoah. We really are doing something right.

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Montreal Love

  1. Ricky Gervais was brilliant and everything he said was true! Lets face it – there is no way Glee, Burlesque or the Tourist could get a nomination if the writers were not bribed.

    • I find it hard to see Robert Downey Jr get all bristly and defensive about Gervais' joke re: his many rehab stints when he himself posed for Vanity Fair in his jailhouse jumper. And there were no names connected to the Scientology joke — and I can think of two male superstars who are both Scientologists and rumoured to be gay.

      But Glee is a fun and entertaining romp of a show, so I kinda think does rise above the typical network drek– and I will never see either Burlesque or The Tourist, so cannot comment except to say both have received terrible reviews all over the place.

  2. Oy! What's 438? Chopped liver?

    I am hoping you were joking about the outright weeping part. Are we that pathetically insecure a country that an actor's compliment sends us into a frenzied they-love-us-they-really-love-us burst of pride?

    Oh, right, the Vancouver 2010 closing ceremonies… Hmm, maybe we are.

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