Montreal man ordered to pay $1 billion to Facebook -

Montreal man ordered to pay $1 billion to Facebook

Spammer sent more than 4 million emails to users of the social networking site


Quebec’s Superior Court has ordered a Montreal man to pay Facebook more than $1 billion in damages for spamming the social networking site. In all, Adam Guerbuez will have to pay the website’s owners US$1,068,928,721.46, which works out to nearly $250 for each of the 4,366,386 spam messages Guerbuez sent Facebook users in 2008. Though Guerbuez pleaded guilty and didn’t offer a defence, his lawyers have already indicated they plan to appeal the damage claim, which they say was “disproportionate.”

Montreal Gazette

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Montreal man ordered to pay $1 billion to Facebook

  1. Does Facebook really need the money? What about going after Facebook for privacy violations?

    • Oh someone will. Just give it time. Class action suits can take a while to rev up.

      Buddy of mine had his picture used in an ad without his permission. It was for a weight control product and he was the "before" picture.

      Man was he ticked off. They took it down, but if a class action suit comes up I have no doubt my buddy will be on that like a fat kid on a smartie. ;)

    • I think this is a great start, but that it should be more than $250 per spam. And before anybody says that 1 billion dollars is excessive, he sent 4 MILLION messages. The fact that this payment is so high is his fault.
      What really should be given to him is a criminal sentence, because this spammer is bankrupt and he's probably going to get millions in book deals. So by spamming millions of people, he's going to get a ceremonial slap on the wrist and a million dollars and national fame.
      Every spammer should get a 5-digit fine and a jail sentence, at the very least a misdemeanour conviction.

  2. That seem excessive.

  3. $250 per offence. Not in the least excessive. I’d advocate corporal punishment for spammers. Light spanking for those who forward chain jokes to my email.

  4. I can only hope Farmville users will be similarly punished.

    • Your just upset because all your crops wilted……

    • Just block the application dumb dumb!!!!

  5. No way, I say make it a Kazilllllion dollars! No, two Kazillllion!

    Even better make it 500 Bazillion.

    I mean, as long as we're thowing out ridiculous numbers that have no chance of ever being met.

    I mean honestly.

  6. What a waste of court time and tax dollars. Only the lawyers and judges like these kind of trials to feather their pocket books. Canada would be better off with both gone. What a sick system.

  7. Did the judge know his multiplication tables? Did he know what justice is? Or was he looking only after his retirement millions?

  8. Justice will not be served here coz he will not get to pay a cent. this case will run all around before going all around all over again and then repeat. This nut should be barred from using computers and other electronics and communication devices for the rest of his life. only analog dialup phones for him…and that too 3 calls a day only. :-|

    • Garnashee his wages..If you zap say 30% of his wages each month ,thats going to sting a bit .

      • probably, but he will still get to spam a few people, and still make lots of money! am going for total stop.