Montreal police accused of racial profiling -

Montreal police accused of racial profiling

Internal study by the force concludes officers go on “fishing expeditions” for young black men


An internal study by the Montreal Police Service has concluded its officers are engaging in racial profiling. Between 2001 and 2007, police identification checks on individuals increased by 126 per cent in the borough of Montreal North borough and by 91 per cent in St-Michel. The report says racial profiling in the neighborhoods is “much too high” and constitutes “fishing expeditions.” Thirty to 40 per cent of young black men in the areas faced police identity checks, compared to 5 to 6 per cent of whites. Michel Charest, the study’s author, says that because only five per cent of the checks resulted in an arrest or infraction, the checks can be “judged as arbitrary or malicious.” Montreal Police Service commander, Eric La Penna, dismissed the report, saying its evidence is biased and the police doesn’t have a systemic problem.

Toronto Star

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Montreal police accused of racial profiling

  1. It is news only when it ISN"T whitey. Virtually everytime I have taken my boat to the coean to go fishing this year I have been stopped by a littany of government 'workers' including natives working for Fed Fish. Everytime it is the same thing–whitey with a boat, he must be stealing salmon. The height of appalling for 'my' government to hires natices to make sure I don't do what they can on their days off. Disgusting beyond belief.

  2. The statistical facts are as follows:
    A -> Men commit crimes at a higher rate than women.
    B -> Young people commit crimes at a higher rate than older persons.
    C -> Blacks commit crimes at a higher rate than whites or asians.
    Focusing police effort on young, black men is not racial profiling, it is just good police work.

    (By the way, why is fact A and fact B not controversial but fact C is?)

  3. What a shame. I thought only whites were criminals.

  4. Young black men DO commit the most crimes in Quebec, Ontario, etc. It's not racial profiling, it's a fact. They'll never release those stats, however, but you need only visit your local drug courtroom to see for yourself. Unfortunately, they're caught in the cycle of fatherlessness that's now been reworked into a cool social norm in the form of "baby mamas," but the result is still the same. I hope these trends change for the better, because it's just depressing as hell.

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