Montreal protests end in kettling and massive arrests


Kettling” is a concept more familiar to Torontonians, many of whom were the target of it during the infamous 2010 G20 summit in the city. But last night protesters in Montreal got acquainted with the practice.

The Globe explains:

Kettling is a police tactic widely used in Europe where riot cops surround demonstrators and limit or cut off their exits. It has been widely criticized because it often results in the scooping up of innocent bystanders as well as rowdies.

Last night, following hours of peaceful demonstrations, police officers being “pelted with projectiles” resorted to cornering protesters and arrested as many as 518 of them, according to the Montreal Gazette:

… in a heartbeat, Wednesday night’s big march turned ugly.

Just before midnight police surrounded a large group of protesters at Sherbrooke and St. Denis Sts. to make a mass arrest, Montreal police Constable Daniel Fortier said. Police said on Thursday morning the arrests totaled 518, making it the largest number of people arrested in a single night so far in the weeks-long student protest.

Over 100 people were also arrested in Quebec City for contravening a new controversial provincial law that is the focus of this past week’s increasingly crowded protests.

Still from the Gazette:

In Quebec City, 170 people were arrested during a march that was declared illegal before it even began. The protesters did not give police an itinerary of the march eight hours in advance, as stipulated by law 78.

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Montreal protests end in kettling and massive arrests

  1. Quebec only pays for one’s education through grade 11. After that, (Cegep) the student pays.
    It used to be just for books, now it is tuition as well. I am nearly 60. I went to Cegep in the 70’s. Just books and Student Activities fees then. no tuition.
    I could not afford to go today.
    People have sat back and watched tuition fees across Canada go up and up.
    Education is no longer a right. It has become a privilege only.

    • You’re wrong, even if students pays a tuition, Québec pays as much as 80 ish percent of the total cost of post-Cegep education, if I remember correctly. Altought I agree tuition raise makes higher education less accessible, free education also pose a problem as the public debt of Québec is sky-rocketing. We cannot afford it. Both party should seek to resolve the waste of money (Like the 104’000$ spent on 10 showers for the MAPAQ’s office or the 65’000$ for 2 toilets at SAAQ’s office) before approaching tuition raise or lowering. If only both parties were negotiating in good faith…

      • …not surpringsingly, the demonstrations are far more than that right now…they are just about everything…or close to…from A to Z of what all the generations before them has made wrong…not a word about what was right…if any!!!

    • If you think Canadian university tuition fees are exorbitant, look into what a university like Harvard charges. But don’t stop there, keep searching what some of the middle American colleges charge as well. Why are’nt more people taking online courses? I hear that some of the ones being offered have a competent cirriculum that can give you virtually the same credits as McMaster.

      • These students are trying to ensure that Quebec universities do not end up with such high tuition as the U.S., their tuition is increasing almost 75% over the next four years. They may pay 80% less than other students across Canada nevertheless college and university should be a right not a privilege. Students are fighting for their future- one without a lifetime of debt before they even emerge from school. They are doing what generations before them should have done, I am proud of their determination and their take charge attitude over their future. Shame on the government and their passing of law 78!

    • post secondary education is not a right its a privilege not everyone wants to go so why the hell should they pay for it. Its an invest you chose to make yourself.

  2. Kettling has been used as a police tactic on and off throughout the student strike protests by the SPVM. But continue staying uninformed about what is going on in Quebec and spreading misinformation to the rest of Canada, it’s so helpful! :(

  3. If the cop
    continues to abuse their powers like there doing now, I won’t be surprised if
    people start to target the cops to.

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  5. I am embarrassed by MACLEAN’S coverage of this huge moment for our country. This on top of their article and cover for this week’s issue is a sure sign that I will never read this magazine again. It’s intentions are obvious and repulsive.

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