Montreal teacher fired for showing Grade 10 class body-parts video


A popular Montreal civics and history teacher has been fired for showing a high school class what is believed to be the video of the infamous body-parts killing, the Canadian Press reports.

The teacher at Cavelier-De LaSalle High School showed the video last week. Students said they’d been discussing the Magnotta case, talked about the video that allegedly depicts the horrific killing, then voted 22 to 3 to watch it.

“The unacceptable nature of the action by the teacher demanded an unequivocal response,” the school board president Diane Lamarche-Venne said in a statement reported by CP.

The news agency notes that students petitioned on behalf of the teacher and held a rally in his support.

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Montreal teacher fired for showing Grade 10 class body-parts video

  1. Seems the parents of the kids who voted to watch the video, need to do a little heart to heart with their precious child & find out why they felt the need to watch a man being murdered & dismembered.

    • Total crapout for everyone concerned. What I’m wondering is, however, just what the hell is wrong with all of those Quebecers?

  2. wow, showing this video to children,who does that,also people who choose to look at another man being brutally murdered,should get them selves checked out,cause,that aint right,if it was my kid,i would be very distrurbed,justice has been done,kinda,with the teacher being canned from his job,if i was a parent of one of those kids,who supposedly voted to watch the video,i would sue the teacher for emotional traumatic abuse,just goes to show how desenitized society is today,especially our youth,with movies,tv,internet,and especially video games,being more brutal and violent the ever before,for me just the thought of even seeing or hearing about anybody dying shocks me.hope magnotta gets life,sadly with canadian justice being so shady,he will probebly plead insanity,and get sent to a mental hospital,and never have a police record,oh wait he sent body parts to a few politicians so it might be a priority,other wise he will get out in 20 years on good behavior,freaky.

    • If the three that voted against were required to remain and watch it, they might have a case to sue for emotional trauma. As for the other 22: too bad if they did; they brought it on themselves.

  3. Seems to me I would rather have my kids – now 2×21 and 24 – watch this thing in a group with a moderator (responsible or not – you choose) than watch it in the basement/bedroom by themselves with no chance to really discuss it later. We may not like it but that is the choice we make. Kinda like sex education – somebody with a brain tells them stuff and they talk about it in a bunch or they learn it from ‘xyz’ porn site (or whatever – street corner who learned it from…). I favour some influence rather than absolutely NO control.

    • Would you then agree that alcohol and drugs should be provided by teachers? Like you said, at least then the students can be supervised while they engage in it.
      Or how about having porn-day every Friday, so the kids can learn how Debbie was able to do Dallas?
      These sorts of decision, and the viewing of snuf films, etc. can and should only be made by a parent (and I’m sure most parents wouldn’t….)
      Sex-education is different; at least there is very important knowledge being provided to the students about how to stay safe, and hopefully avoid pregnancy until they are ready. This is important for them to know. What is the educational value in watching this video? (Other than how to dismember and rape a corpse, and learn that there are some really sick people in our world)
      It was a terrible decision for the teacher to show the video, and s/he should be rightly fired for it. It goes far beyond a mere “oversight”, as the teacher must have known, as we all know without even having watched it, what the video depicts.

      • +1

  4. OK, this was an extreme lapse in judgement, but if his past record is as good as reported, he should be given a second chance. In his defence, perhaps he didn’t realize how graphic the video was. Obviously he should have checked it out first. I think firing is a bit extreme, but I can see it from both points of view.

    • what ever typical canadian thinking,extreme laps in judgement,man i think all across canada people are making bad judgmenets,crime is going up,lotta sickos flying under the radar in canada,and whats with the secand chances crap,why should he get a secand chance a guy showed a video of a man being killed,then chopped up to teens,i think that teacher is a scumbag,wouldnt want a guy like that near my kids,and he knew the video was graphic,probebly watched it 10 times,before,he showed it to them,also what educational value was there in seeing a man,who was loved by others,brutally die,kathy.

  5. Good decision

  6. Way to go Macleans. By reporting all this super important news about a pathetic narcissistic psychopath, you are giving him exactly what he desires: publicity. Congrats on appealing to the bottom of the barrel of human interest.

  7. I said some of this in a different post, but I can elaborate a bit more here.

    I knew there was rumours of the tape, but I didn’t pay much attention to it – until I heard that grade 10 students were able to watch it and they weren’t “traumatized over it or anything”. So immediately I felt like less of a man, so I went searching for it, and found a page that was discussing if it was real or not. While scrolling down and skimming what it said to maybe find the video, I came accrossed a screenshot of the victim. Which got my adrenaline going. Now instead of feeling less like a man, I feel more like a human being and wonder what crazyness lurks in peoples minds to A) actually watch it and B) actually show it in a class.

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