Moon water could be a useful resource, NASA says

Water-rich soil could support astronauts on the moon


Last year, a rocket and probe smashed into a lunar crater, kicking up large amounts of rock and dust that revealed many chemical compounds and about 155 kg of water vapour and ice, much more than was expected. A new analysis suggests the lunar regolith (soil) at the impact site contains 5.6 per cent by weight of water-ice. In the 10-km region around the impact site, that would be the equivalent about one billion gallons of water, one scientist estimated. They also found metals like sodium and mercury, and a trace amount of silver.

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Moon water could be a useful resource, NASA says

  1. Using the moons water would be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The moon doesnt have rain and other elements to replenish the water we would take and the effects of the water use could cause the moon to orbit differently.

  2. The aliens who live on the far side of the moon will have something to say about earthlings polluting their water.

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