More bad news for RIM


Canada’s Research In Motion was dealt another blow yesterday as technology research firm Gartner Inc. said BlackBerry sales around the world were down 10.7 per cent from December 2010 to December 2011. BlackBerry sales represented 14.6 per cent of all global smartphone sales by operating system in 2010; that figure had plummeted to 8.8 per cent by the end of 2011.

Adding insult to injury, the decline in sales happens just as the appetite for smartphones is ballooning. According to the same report, 472 million smartphones were sold worldwide in 2011, a 58 per cent increase compared to 2010. Smartphones now account for 31 per cent of all mobile phones sold in the world.

Smartphones operating on Google’s Android system and Apple devices remain the two top-sellers.

An article in today’s Financial Post predicts RIM will continue to struggle through much of 2012, at least until it releases its new BlackBerry 10 platform—which has been delayed until later this year.

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More bad news for RIM

  1. its all the same news being distributed by the press…”rimm losing market share”

    google this and you will be 100 of the same article…we understand RIMM is doing bad there is a reason why it trades at 15 and not 120..

    AT THE SAME time..as this news comes out to scare the public the hedge funds have being doing record buy of rimm shares…

    hummmm..does that make sense?!! i think the smart money knows better than a news paper company

  2. So RIM sold about 43 million phones last year, and about 41 million this year.  Wonder how many articles can be written about this.

  3. The same report also says Apple sales will slow in the next 2Qs

  4. This report incorrectly interpret the data.  It pertains to 4Q10 and 4Q11 only not 4Q10 to 4Q11

  5. Canadians seem to want to destroy RIM. Makes no sense. Their products are good. I just bought the Playbook Blackberry and I am thrilled with it. The new software program will make it even better. 

    • Remember, any news you see about the stock market has to be taken with this filter:

      We’ve got a blackberry Storm which we picked up on recommendation from a friend and quite frankly, loathe it. It’s clunky, and the various buttons on the side are expertly positioned to get under your fingers when you don’t want them to. Doesn’t help that the day the warranty ran out, the mic in it died.

      That said, we did pick up a Playbook (various reasons.. we don’t like Apple and the iPads are too large, but the smart-phones too small, and this was before the Kindle Fire or that new Samsung device came out) and I have to say that like you, we quite enjoy that. So it’s given our BB a new reason to come out of the charging dock where it’s been spending most of it’s time — portable internet.

      That said, when our contract is up, because we have the playbook, we’ll likely be looking at another blackberry.. but we’ll be more careful this time and test it ourselves, not rely on that friend’s advice.

  6. RIM is dead, they are stupid, they hire based on friendships – let them die in peace.

    No one cares about this dinosaur company anymore.

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