More charges laid in fake cancer scheme -

More charges laid in fake cancer scheme

Ashley Kirilow could face up to 14 years in prison


Ashley Kirilow, the Burlington woman who admitted to faking cancer in order to collect thousands of dollars for a bogus charity, is now facing three new fraud charges, bringing that to a total of six counts of fraud under $5,000 and one count of fraud over $5,000. Though the details of the charges are still vague, Kirilow’s lawyer, Brendan Neil, said they relate to three new complainants against Kirilow’s admitted cancer-fraud scheme. The 23-year-old woman is expected to return to court Tuesday, where she will likely plead guilty to all charges. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, the lesser fraud charges carry a penalty of up to two years in prison, while the more serious charge could lead to 14 years imprisonment.

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More charges laid in fake cancer scheme

  1. 14 years in jail! This is barbaric.

    I agree that a penalty must be paid, and surely the public humiliation of being discovered and shamed will go a long way towards making this woman reconsider her actions.

    She had a lapse in her sanity, she made an absolutely terrible series of mistakes and actions. Despite this, I don't see how incarcerating her — putting her in a cement box —– for 14 years will help anyone.

    We have people in Canada who commit murder, plead guilty to manslaughter, and then serve less than six years.

    There is no need to lock this poor woman up for more than a decade. have her work with victims, do community service, and even mop the floor at the Canadian Cancer Society HQ…

    keep jail for violent criminals please.

    • For those of us who know her personally, this is justice.

      • JRM: justice cannot by definition ever be personal. I understand your anger — but anger never leads to justice or mercy, does it?