More exciting Green Party convention news! Now with added suspense!


From the Inkless low-carbon mailbox:

Elizabeth May to announce a major change to Green Party’s September policy convention in Pictou

Elizabeth May, O.C., leader of the Green Party of Canada, will hold a press conference in her campaign office tomorrow to announce a significant change to the Green Party’s national policy convention, originally scheduled to take place at the deCoste Centre in Pictou, Nova Scotia, from September 5-7. The change was prompted by last Friday’s announcement that three federal by-elections – in Guelph, Westmount—Ville-Marie and Saint-Lambert – will be held on September 8th.

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More exciting Green Party convention news! Now with added suspense!

  1. Keynote speaker: Stephane Dion!

  2. This is a bit like pulling the wings off flies, isn’t it?

  3. Maybe May is running in Saint-Lambert.

  4. Pulling wings off flies is much harder work.

  5. They found a vendor in Pictou County who can supply fair trade coffee.

  6. Actually I’ve seen more free trade coffee shops in places like Wolfville NS than many much larger places in Ontario.

  7. She’ll be voting to formalize the agreement she’s already made in principle and simply fold the Green Party in with the Liberals

  8. The first source of relief was that a new hotel was opening nearby. It had been under construction for months and would be open in time. Yes, it was a longer walk from the museum, and no, it did not have enough meeting spaces, and, no, it could not provide fairly traded coffee with the free continental breakfast…

    Elizabeth May blog, GPC site, July 20th

  9. Policy convention to be held via revisions to wikipedia entry for “Green Party of Canada”?

  10. But seriously, how about an announcment that the convention is being moved lock stock and barrel to Guelph for the same weekend?

    Could generate lots of support from Moo U students and added media coverage for local candidate. Also, I bet more would attend. The party activists seconded en masse to Guelph probably can’t afford both (time and expense)

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