More free trade

Deal to be signed between Canada and Panama


The free trade agreement with Panama which is scheduled to be signed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper is one more step in Canada’s plan to integrate closer with nations in the Americas. The deal will eliminate more than 90 per cent of tariffs on Canadian imports to Panama, which include agricultural goods and high-tech machinery, and represent about $128 million in trade. It’s part of a series of agreements already made with Peru, Colombia, Jordan, and four European nations, and deals are expected to be reached with the European Union, India, South Korea and several other countries.


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More free trade

  1. I lived in South Korea, so it means something to me. Apropos of nothing, South Korea is also signing a free trade agreement with India. Interesting how all these countries are signing agreements while Americans go on their Buy American thing and Obama tries to convince the world it's no big deal. Good to see some countries understand that trade is good and the invisible hand will work its magic soon enough.

    I just finished reading Chase's article in Globe and he writes that this is the fifth trade agreement Cons have signed since coming to power three years ago. Which surprises me a lot, had no idea this was the fifth one. Good for them at least they are doing something conservative like.